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Bull xs for this season?

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my young WBG bitch Teal,looking forward to some nights out on the lamp and days with the terriers this coming season....she pick up where we left it and i will be happy......she's keeping my ferret Ki

This season's novice 

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Any pics of these old type bull x's. 

I know the type I used to go out with as a young kid definitely looked different to the ones you see today.  As bird says the where alot lighter built. But I cant remember if they where just bull greys or something else in the mix. 

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On 02/07/2019 at 21:03, Busher100 said:

Black dog is ace first x bull whippet black and white dog is his son ringo out of a 1/4 bull grey tan bitch is unrelated reverse 5/8 bull grey, both ringo and yella are just past 12 months and have seen a couple early on both liked em, ace is 21 yella 22 and ringo 

Just came across some pics looking back through phone. Sire and dam to acepost-50423-0-40709700-1472066287_thumb.jpgpost-50423-0-64380500-1447805667_thumb.jpgpost-50423-0-75041900-1447842485_thumb.jpgpost-50423-0-65197100-1460673862_thumb.jpgpost-50423-0-24052700-1492508013_thumb.jpg

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