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  1. Happened to us all dog run out on a road make a kill it’s no big issue ffs grow up and get out abit it’s NOTHING new is what it is.... accidents happen.... simple as that
  2. Curious that’s all because you said straight NO last time I asked that’s all
  3. Dog men have always been frowned on it’s nothing new
  4. It’s a fawn one ain’t it??? ?
  5. The boys should go do all pens to show them you f**k with our sport we’ll f**k about with yours... ?? Only fair ??
  6. Shit REALLY??? I thought this was only for the elite??? ? I do apologise ??
  7. Or mind your own business ? ? something you seem to struggle with lol always got something to say... sad man
  8. A+B conversation SEE your way out of it ???
  9. Im after a 1/4 bull grey pup as well if any pups due or planned any time soon ??
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