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  1. Crackers

    The Places Ye Get To See

    He’s a child he will do as he’s told surly
  2. Crackers

    Groovy Stan

    Can’t see his pups selling as fast as him at that price
  3. Crackers

    Groovy Stan

    I think your 100% right there
  4. Crackers

    Groovy Stan

    Month or so?? That long?? I reckon he will change his number within a week the amount of people ringing taking the piss out of him
  5. Crackers

    Groovy Stan

    I can believe some would put that price on the this day an age should be £120 lol I bet it’s some f****r on here selling them come on own up
  6. Crackers

    Groovy Stan

    You get a free disco ball with “groovy Stan” lines
  7. Crackers

    Midland game fair

    I went a bike event instead free get in and had pole dancer ugliest I’ve ever seen but good for a laugh
  8. Crackers

    scotish preban coursing pics

    Looks a good turn out great pics nice one
  9. Crackers

    Interesting article re dew claws.

    I’ve taken them off for a fair few mates litters takes minutes but they can be weeks off when ripped injured with them best off!!
  10. Crackers

    Midland game fair

    So you all thieving c**ts??? Sound like perfect people be around ffs grow up!!
  11. Crackers

    Interesting article re dew claws.

    I take them off.. done few litters now no issues... just extra something that could hold season up best OFF!!! Imo take 2 mins a pup
  12. Crackers

    Midland game fair

    I might go
  13. Crackers

    Well and truly bitten by the bug …

    Never seen a patio with grass pointing
  14. Crackers

    Ben spencer electronic caller

    I’ve got one vixen call works a treat like said above only does the sound for 2 mins then on to another only down side but they do work
  15. Crackers

    Worra ***t

    Quick get it while it’s asleep