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Kelpies as a stud,

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bill judging by your posts you have done your share but feck me would you behave like this in the field or in company  because some of the lads i know would either fill you in or leave you talking like you do and you maybe not always right but just behave and no i dont want my arm or nose chewed of and if its a fight your after only if you was closer 

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My pup today ......  

Few recent pics of my pup, looking more lurcher like now, picks everything up very quickly 

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I think bills alright he has dry humour banter I think he’s good entertainment along side katch going at each other over tut thinternet has me in stitches the pair of them 🤣😂👌🏼👍🏼I think bills one of these guys that over the Internet has to be taken with a pinch of salt he knows how to crank people effectively he’s clearly pretty knowledgeable guy about Lurchers that’s had a bit of experience an seems to have a good memory how some of the old bred gear was bred but like I’ve said needs to be taken with a pinch of salt if anyone has noticed he’ll say one thing on one post an another about the same cross on another post tbh I think he’s pretty neutral in his opinions were all Entitled to them what he speaks is blank opinions it’s on you if you have a nibble 

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22 hours ago, Daniel cain said:

Bills not happy with katchum..... So let's his mouth run away with him.... Time will tell with these pups😉they only got to please their owners.... Not every Tom, dick and Billy on www👍

Thing he his they would not suit me and yas right my mouth tells the facts katchum in denial his away in those hills  Daniel lol atb Tb bill

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On 22/12/2019 at 20:21, billhardy said:

If ya think that's disgusting ime afraid you ai t fecking lived. Not where I lived anyway  atb Tb bill

I think bandying around the slur of “ nonce “ is a very serious thing to do . 

Its a disgusting term and please don’t make out your big rough tough as teak background as I see you for what you are. 

Your a very sad bitter small old man who should show more manners and you’d get more respect 

terms like nonce and skank are in all honesty sickening 


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26 minutes ago, Phil Lloyd said:

That is a real nice Greyhound for breeding lurchers...

She will leave her stamp on all her sons and daughters....a great addition to the lurcher gene pool..:clapper:

She's a great family dog too, the wife has a chat with her a few times a day and they walk out together a lot too... And if you slip her on stuff she will try her best to do her duty... Monas a joy to own


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