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  1. to my pup back out to spain with me last week
  2. got her off a fella called Gary, from Telford, could be?
  3. Few recent pics of my pup, looking more lurcher like now, picks everything up very quickly
  4. looking for a lurcher x lurcher bred collie x after mine had to be pts after a nights lamping in december, she was an 11th generation collie greyhound bred by a man called garry in telford, shropshire, in 2016. I lost contact with him and was wondering if anyone on here might know him, she had a seizure at about a year old and another one that lead to her death whilst lamping, wanted to know how the rest of the litter turned out and if they had any similar problems, thanks for any help Maud
  5. Thanks, No just a generation bred collie greyhound, unsure on percentages
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