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  1. A bar in Albacete, the walls are full of galago and ferreting pictures
  2. -3, I wish , I’m in Castile-La Mancha, near Albacete, the national galgo coursing finals are sometimes held at albacete
  3. Mine is turning out as I had hoped, Comes with me everywhere, she can go all day, But just lays quietly if there’s not much going on, Strong desire to work and hunt, can be a bit nervy sometimes
  4. https://trueblueworkingstumpys.home.blog/photos/
  5. Yes, her sire was a bedlington, dam was a Dave platts deerhound greyhound, she was my first lurcher and the only one I’ve seen bred like that, she has been a good little ferreting and lamping dog
  6. Thanks, a bitch, she’s 9 years old and getting a bit stiff in her old age, you wouldn’t want her
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