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  1. scutty96

    Typp Ratcher

    Thanks, No just a generation bred collie greyhound, unsure on percentages
  2. scutty96

    Typp Ratcher

    Collie greyhound, grandsire was bred by typp ratcher
  3. scutty96

    Bedlington X Whippet

    the little white bitch 7 months on
  4. scutty96

    Collie Greyhound Pictures ...

    11th generation collie greyhound
  5. Hello, does anyone know if the Sheffield catapult company is still making and selling catapults? Thanks
  6. scutty96

    Rabbit Numbers

    It's sad too see all the little housing estates going up in the Hampshire westsussex area in spots I've mooched about in growing up, in the last few years it seems any little field on the outskirts of towns are getting built on, and the rabbit numbers seem to get worse each year, although there are pockets where they still seem to thrive, it's just often on nature reserves
  7. scutty96

    Jackdaws And Jays

    I have kept a jackdaw and it made a brilliant pet, until a fox got too it through its aviary. was thinking of having another this spring but I also thought perhaps a jay? Has anyone kept one? Do they make as good a pet as a jackdaw? I was wondering as they are a lot more timid in the wild. Thanks
  8. scutty96

    Lurcher Men Who Like Their Badgers Ale

    Reading through this reminded me of a brewery here in Hampshire http://www.longdogbrewery.co.uk/beers/
  9. scutty96


    Yeah I think this one may end up too big, I can't see that when fully grown a rabbit would be able to pass him or get free from him to bolt if he had hold, but we will see. And thanks for the offer onemanandhisdog, but I'm in Hampshire
  10. scutty96


    Had ferrets for about four years now, and always just kept jills as when I was starting out it's what people told me where best, then after reading on hear lately I noticed that a lot of peoples opinion that hobs where better, more thorough type of worker, so this year I got a hob kit and he is huge, at around 8 weeks I think he must be he is the size of my largest Jill, so my question was can they be too big to work? Should I have tried to find a smaller hob?
  11. scutty96

    Coming In Season

    Mine always came in every 6 months but has just come in, 3 months late
  12. scutty96

    Silly Or Amusing Phrases.....

    "He's as Tight as a box of monkeys" "You don't know if you want a shit or a haircut" "He smokes like a beagle" All ones I've heard my grandad use
  13. scutty96

    Why ?

    Guess your back up London, lucky to see all these cars I've never in my life seen a Bugatti veron in realJust go to Jack Barclays in Berkeley Square theres a couple of them on the shop floor.......wear a nice whistle and they might let you see in one......either that or just look at them through the window What do I do blow the whistle as I walk through the door or what what's the point in the whistle round my neckWhistle and flute=suit
  14. scutty96

    Lifting The Ban

    Did anyone not get a reply to their email at all? I sent one Friday and still haven't had a reply.