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Nice pups them mate,  I got my cocker pup a few weeks ago, she gets second inoculation today, cant wait to start taking her out, she is a quick learner and in the 20 days since weve had her she i

Some recent pictures of my two mum and daughter.

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On 02/09/2018 at 08:48, Declan. said:

Recently got myself a cocker around 15weeks now, eager to please,  a real scatty thing. Hopefully be used for a bit of bushing for the bigger dogs and a bit of ferreting! Atb 


Do you still have the dog

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19 hours ago, fielder said:

A question about Cockers, how much do they moult in the house? What if you clip them? 


I have seen it vary massively, with some dogs with very fine coats that hardly moult at all, and others with huge shaggy coats that when they came to visit our home within an hour left hair EVERYWHERE. 


You shouldn't really have spaniels (or most gundogs) clipped as it ruins the coat. The hair when properly brushed lets air flow between it cooling a dog but stops the sun getting onto the dogs skin. Clipping them lets the sun get onto their skin and they can overheat and get sunburn. 

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