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  1. Seem like one of them buy something that your into at the time type more money than sense type why didn’t you get a chick in the summer and out the hard work into one
  2. Do you still have the dog
  3. If your willing too come beating in the winter should be able too find you some squirrel and rabbit shooting on one of the estates
  4. Sound like the same as me mate not long turned 30 stil enjoy hunting the dogs and shooting but if we get a run and it gets away so be it when I was a kid I’d have been broken if my dog missed haha, I still take plenty of pests all year round but it is nice too watch it sometimes too
  5. Hi .based northenden near Manchester airport. Lots of farms but no joy as yet .

  6. Welcome, advice is always in hand here sometimes not the best but it works haha enjoy
  7. Fair play mate get back out there nothing beats going for a mooch with the dogs and it’s even better when you teach your son the ways of the land
  8. Yep life does get in the way sometimes but if it’s in you you'll always find your way back to hunting
  9. So come on lads what’s your thoughts personally I don’t think there out there I feel like all the hours I have spent out in the field I’d have seen tracks or something on the thermal of a night ect I believe there where a few when the laws came in about dangerous animals as people would have most definitely let some free, just wandering what you all think of it as it’s in the media every now and again just an topic of conversation that does interest me
  10. A full day so you normally only go for half then? My two spaniels are indoors but have had them in kennels and crate trained them from young so if I ever wanted too put them out it wouldn’t be a problem, I don’t think being in a kennel or house makes a good hunting dog that’s down too the work you put in as an owner most dogs will hunt but too hunt controlled is a different ball game
  11. Odd too have two dogs not wanting it normally brings out some competition have you have them a Fox too rag etc if they don’t know you want them too kill them they could be running along. Side another dog for all they know
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