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  1. deeley24

    Nice Find.

    The great Archie write the rule book on pigeon shooting
  2. deeley24

    A little trip to york

    Hahahaha fair enough mate
  3. deeley24

    A little trip to york

    Already subed to your channel mate nice clip that
  4. deeley24

    Todays Hunt

    Nice mate got to be in it to win it
  5. Wet weather means they will seek out thick cover ie woods and really thick hedges,
  6. deeley24

    Future X Maybe

    Fair enough mate
  7. deeley24

    Future X Maybe

    This is what I don't understand about people that work dogs why you always looking for the next best thing when we have proven crosses that are doing the job day/night already why make more shit crosses that no one can get homes for and end up in kennels, really annoys me tbh why fix something that isn't broken, why would you put a jaged instead of a beddy? What in your mind will that benefit it's hunting ability
  8. deeley24


    Cracking pics and lovely looking dogs mate thanks for sharing
  9. deeley24

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I have no idea on breeding as I got him from a rehoming center soon as I saw him I new there was something about him, I rekon bit of pointer Mabey collie or Springer thanks for comments lads Atb reece
  10. deeley24


    Mate just check your emails I get hundreds of shoot offers to go beating picking up at
  11. deeley24

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    the black and white is my bushing dog not sure on breeding as I got him from a kennels but I'll put him up against any hound his nose is spot on, works cover open ground and he does point a fair bit of anyone reckons they know what breed he could be let me know
  12. deeley24

    Steady day

    Great looking day mate wish I could get more than a run a day/night near me
  13. deeley24

    Lamping The Whippet

    smart looking dog mate
  14. deeley24

    Whippet x starting out

    Nice one mate keep at it with him the more you put in the more you will get out
  15. deeley24

    venison lurchers.

    Love that someone mentioned the GREAT SCOOBY in this post what a dog but only because it was in the right hands in the right places credit to darcy for how he brings on dogs