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  1. Any chance you can post a picture of your pedigree? Which dog came back as a springer? Pm if you prefer...
  2. Some recent pictures of my two mum and daughter.
  3. Liver cocker bitch pup I am keeping back out of a litter I just bred 5 weeks tomorrow.
  4. A little article from the shooting times on rabbit pens http://www.shootinguk.co.uk/features/building-and-maintaining-a-rabbit-pen-6424 they are openly used in the gundog world and are not illegal. Not sure about transporting them but they have to come from somewhere... I think as long as measures are taking to prevent them from escaping its ok. Its only illegal if you plan to release back into the wild. I could be wrong though... either way who cares over a few rabbits. Regards HL
  5. Its not illegal to pen rabbits, it done all over the country by sundog trainers and trialling folk. As long as measure are taking to prevent them from escaping it is legal. Rabbits aren't harmed as they are just to train and steady spaniels. I didn't put a location as we will happily collect from anywhere. They are required near Kent.. Regards HL
  6. Struggling to get hold of rabbits to stock a rabbit pen. Its a long shot but if anyone can get some for me via ferreting it would be much appreciated Obviously we will pay for the rabbits and your time and also collect. If anyone can help please pm me Regards HL
  7. Young bitch out on a shoot day coming to the end of her first season
  8. I can definitely recommend KM engineering I have used them myself... great service and great dog cabins
  9. My cocker bitch, nice little bitch 2 yrs old should be ready to start work this season
  10. Might be useful for me at the minute as i have just started introducing my cocker to gunfire
  11. Gunnerside is brilliant lamping used to go down there alot before i moved down south. It is on top though the gamekeepers dont mess about if they catch you. Had guns pointed at us on an occassion. Worked out if you go down there after 1am you normally get around ok. Easy take 30's in couple of hours. Its good lamping well worth the risk.
  12. This. But like has been said, take it slowly. Shouldn't be doing too many retrieves, anyway. I like to add a "hold" command when popping the bumper back in. Soon you can say "hold" as the pup approaches as a reminder. This is also a good time to introduce a release command. I use "give". Yes I forgot to mention the above I also give a command but it use take and leave. Good luck with it mate it takes a while going through the same process with one of mine at the minute.
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