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  1. Yeah part and parcel of having one isn’t it! This is him now
  2. Yes mate, still f***ing scatty!
  3. Another good 10 mile walk with Poxon and his bitch on Saturday, getting ready for the season! Itching to get out and see her in the field she’s keen as mustard so fingers crossed
  4. That black and white dogs a cracker mate, how that’s bred? Atb
  5. Haha he’s just a c**t but we’re used to it now yeah mate feels ages away yet though don’t it! Yeah mate 100% just give us a message and I’ll be there
  6. Haha cheers mate, he’s pretty easy to keep in shape tbf must have good genes!
  7. 5 now! Hoping this is the season he starts coming back to me instead of hunting up the next county
  8. Hahaha say no more fella
  9. Some of these big coursing bred dogs will pull roe for fun but surely if a lot of the game you’re seeing is fallow, sika etc you wouldn’t be running a coursing dog anyway?
  10. Yeah that’s it mate saluki bull grey And your not far off with the 38tts
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