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18 minutes ago, Maximus Ferret said:

Good to get a bit of a sensible discussion going now the seasons about played out........         :whistling::rofl::rofl:

Anytime now the match challenges will be doing the rounds, with pups that are so well bred the lines go back to the pair of dogs that noah took with him on his ark.  That was something to do with the middle east or thereabouts I think

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the hare while quick off the mark, has fantastic stamina and can not be classed as a sprinter, and a coursing lurcher must poses this to stand any chance of being a consistent hare catcher, the saluki

No excuse for baiting

The rag heads have hunted the deserts to emptyness and 99.9% of those runs are with dropped game,load of old shite all of it if you ask me and i'd rather watch paint dry..

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1 hour ago, desertbred said:

I DIDNT DEFEND f**k ALL i told how it is as for knowing about salukis and working them you and the Fireman know f**k all so go back to ferreting or what ever you do numb c**t.

In that case oh wise one can you tell me the right dune words that will tell a saluki to pin it's game rather than bit it and does the way i shout these words mater if i'm not in a land cruiser doing 50?...

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On 07/03/2018 at 17:35, desertbred said:

Most Arabs Train Salukis to pin the quarry not kill it so then it can be halaled for the table. Those are two pups hence they are trying to pin it not kill it but you experts know all about salukis my arse, 

Halal killed animals is probably a worse ending.

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Piss poor display. Not the dogs fault, they look young and I guess that'  not their usual quarry, but the idiot on the end of the slip. He had less bottle than the dogs, why not break them off and let it run or stuck it if you want to. Just looked like a recipe for bitten pups and a shit way to die for the honey badger to me.

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48 minutes ago, Sirblessed said:


See, they're all f****n barmy, only an arab would try to get his camel to play baseball with his own head!  No offence to desertbred, just lightening the mood, peace out brother :)

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16 hours ago, Busher100 said:

I like the saluki there is no doubting the coursi g bred dogs wouldn't be what they are without the saluki blood it's just that 90% of the ones in the Arab vids are barking curs

Breeding foreign distance running dogs to catch a native sprinting animal don't make the saluki anything in my book ..

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Ok then so what other breed would add more then the saluki to the coursing bred dogs of today who are regularly catching 3-5 a session on big land  I can't think of any other type of lurcher that will do that and be able to do it consistently I know lurchers of all xs will catch hares but not in the same numbers the saluki xs can and I think most would agree.

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