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Game Salukis

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the hare while quick off the mark, has fantastic stamina and can not be classed as a sprinter, and a coursing lurcher must poses this to stand any chance of being a consistent hare catcher, the saluki

No excuse for baiting

The rag heads have hunted the deserts to emptyness and 99.9% of those runs are with dropped game,load of old shite all of it if you ask me and i'd rather watch paint dry..

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over the years all sorts were tried and nothing comes close, when I was running saluki lurchers in the 1970'severy one else had dearhound crosses they were ok on daytime hares but not even close to my saluki lurchers, i bred some good first crosses and as edrd says were extremely game, although I only ever hunted hare and rabbit, dogs I bred took every thing single handed and took it well.

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1 hour ago, edrd said:

We all different  I’d take another firstx but they game ones are hard to come buy especially the pures 👍dam and sire  

the problem these days there are not that many good tested saluki's about and even fewer greyhounds, sadly.

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2 hours ago, Busher100 said:

Fireman how is saluki blooded dogs cheating? Do you mean because they have more wind then one (or should do) that it is somewhat unfair to run them on hares? 

I think what fireman is getting at is it should be a native breed on a native quarry. F**k the sand dogs. Lol.

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Guest Navek
On 08/03/2018 at 13:44, desertbred said:

I DIDNT DEFEND f**k ALL i told how it is as for knowing about salukis and working them you and the Fireman know f**k all so go back to ferreting or what ever you do numb c**t.

Neither do you you get other lads slip your dogs while you drive round in your car 😂😂😂😂

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38 minutes ago, dogmandont said:

I think what fireman is getting at is it should be a native breed on a native quarry. F**k the sand dogs. Lol.

For sport and real personal satisfaction totaly on the nail mate...:thumbs:


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