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Pcp - Cocked, Or Not To Be Cocked ? That Is The Question.

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When you lads are sat patiently waiting for a shooting opportunity do you do so with your rifle cocked ready to fire, or do you silently cock your rifle when an opportunity shows :hmm: ?

I`ve always waited for the opportunity to show first and then silently cock the bolt action.




atb Mark

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Always cocked ready. Both springers and/or PCP when I'm out.   AND ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU KNOW IT'S COCKED!

Cocked mine last night   TOOK MY WIFE ABOUT 3 SECONDS TO EMPTY THE ROUND   she has some mouth   atvbmac :thumbs:

there you have it mark you and rez are weird   only kiddin

cocked for me as squirrels /bandits can hear a fly farting-so no point in giving them a chance

Cos it takes you ages to 'clunk-clink-clunk' dunt it :) The amount of time you've had rapids.


To be fair though, I have missed opps in the past. So you are right.

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