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Gwp X Greyhounds

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Too true, mine were expected to and did many tasks, bushing for rabbits, ferreting, wildfowling, pigeon shooting, walked up woodcock and picking up on a shoot. Not only did they do all those different

Here's a few pics of mine just to show how a 1st x cross can turn out, maybe not as cloddy as some would think. She doesn't get as much work as I would like but that's not the dogs fault. Top pic is a

I heard many times from lads that once you have a pointer you won't have anything else ......after owning training and working one I would agree.I got mine last year and this is his first season and h

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I honestly do not understand why the GWP is not used more as a cross for a lurcher. It has far more to offer than any other donor dog. It has stamina to spare, can out hunt almost any other breed, very adaptable to any type of hunting, great constitution with intelligence by the bucket load.


Down side is you have to understand the breed to get the best out of them, if you cannot work out how they tick then your in for a long hard slog getting nowhere. There of course other factors to take into consideration, once crossed you will to some extent loose some of the abilities that make the GWP the breed it is. This is hopefully counteracted by gaining a bit of speed which the pure lacks in.


They do have stamina to spare but are just that little bit slow to do a lurchers job on their own. Personally I would go for a half cross to try and preserve as much of the GWP's attributes as possible, with just that extra yard or two of pace that would make the difference. They are never going to make a fen dog as a half cross but by feck will they make a lurcher that will do everything asked of it.



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It's definitely something I'm going to look into and think they would very much suit me the way I hunt collars on and away they go !

Be interesting to see the X go if anyone has one give me a PM I will take you out on my place to see them work

So if you got one give me a PM cheers

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I get what they're about when hunting up static game birds, around cover, hunt up and point, before flushing. But what about moving quarry, are they too driven to stop with a command/ whistle? If so how far out will they go?

Same as any other dog if their trained right then no. But I am talking about the pure breed here not the cross. As I have said many times the GWP is not for everyone. If you can be comfortable watching a dog do it's own thing in the distance and have total confidence that you can still have control over that dog, then they may be for you. However, if you feel that letting a dog work large is not for you, for whatever reason, then leave them well alone.




spot on that ! you need to be comfortable with how THEY work and work with them they are definitely not a first dog though !!!!!! like others have said i wish i had found them earlier in life when i was fitter,ive a lab cross and a pure breed and boy are they different !

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It seems that everyone likes the idea of this cross but very few commit to it, it made me wonder why? So I done a search and came up with 10 pages on the GWP as a pure and crosses.


The search.



One particular thread that is quite interesting.




It seems that the first cross is just not quick enough for people. One person put it down to the GWP's gait that conflicts with the running dogs style of running?


Anyways have a read it is interesting stuff.



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Very interesting read that tiercel. I do understand why they say what they do about the pointers gait. But you only need to put the ingredients together and hope for the right qualities come together. A lot of hunters look for different qualities in their partner and to hunt their way so different pups should suit certain people

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A friend of mine knows a good gwp man down south and he reckons German stock did harm to the British bird dogs as they were too hard, so I'd say for a Lurcher you might want something with German lines, gwp's are a different animal to the smooths. Certainly sounds the type for a long range hunter, I think I'd want someone experienced with gwp's on the end of a phone though and some might start a lot later than some folk might want? Interesting topic.

The Deutsch Drahthaar are a separate breed to our GWP, in order for the Deutsch Drahthaar to be able to breed they have to pass working tests.





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