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  1. Spot on thanks, what percentage were they and do you have the number ?
  2. Bedlington whippet owns the sire, as it states in the advert
  3. Been out with the father of this litter loads of times. Seen it take all quarry. Cracking dog.
  4. Can anyone tell me if he is still breeding terriers ? If so how would I find a way of getting in touch with him. Would talk on phone to anyone who could help to prove I'm a genuine lad.
  5. As the title says looking for a bull whippit bitch. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. How much r the treble boxes mate ?
  7. My mate had arranged to go and have a look at this dog the last time it was up for sale on here. The lad selling messed him about and just ended up ignoring his calls. This lad is a proper messer and there is something not right about the dog. Its just a shame such a lovely looking dog is in the wrong hands. I would stay well clear.
  8. What a messer the lad is thats selling this dog. My mate arranged to pick it up on Friday, the lad had promised he would keep it for him. My mate took time off work to sort kenneling for the dog out and has not heard from him since. He wont answer or return his calls. If he has sold the dog to someone else, which is a ****s trick he could at least of had the decency to tell him. Messers why bother!
  9. one foot in front of the other works for me
  10. still got dog i am interested
  11. I am interested in dog, where about r u
  12. is the pup smooth or rough.Looks smooth in the picture but sometimes hard to tell ?
  13. ay she a good lil buy £150 for a half x is for nothing. if only i had the time and space and am just a rabbiting lad realy. shes a good tool for the right person Any pictures mate?
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