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  1. how are these dogs on toothed game i wonder?
  2. how does the number of times a dog is bred to a bitch, alter the genetic make up?....if that was the case, everyone would have ONE kid lol
  3. you can't compare styles really,…i don't rate most eastern martial arts, coz there taught by some twat thats never had a fight in his life, giving out f***ing black belts to teenagers,…its sad…a guy in shape, that is FULLY committed and highly motivated with one year of boxing or thai boxing will win 99 times out of a hundred against a guy thats been training in karate or some other Mc Dojo bullshit for twenty years but never been smacked in the face…people who say they can have a fight, usually don't do well when faced with a wildy aggressive guy who dosnt give a f**k if your a 1st Dan, a 2nd
  4. thats awesome, but I've seen bulldogs that have held 1000s!…it is easier, cheaper to fond a good bulldog, and they would be my choice as a holding dog for pigs, not saying the ALANO can't or won't do,...
  5. No way a DOGO killed any decent sized pig, let alone 178!,…done be f***ing daft,…like i said, a good Bull dog will wipe the floor at catching/holding game.
  6. good dogos are like rocking horse shit!,..most are show bred shite,…yeah, theres good ones out there, but even in there homeland, they will hunt a dozen or so at a time…i know of lots of guys who had dogs, and then they tried other, cheaper, more effective dogs, and they sold or shot there dogs…each to there own,…a good Bull dog is ten times any dogo, and id take an average bull dog over the best Dogo
  7. dogos being game and hard?…if Dogos are harder than Alanos, id give them a wide berth!..lol
  8. Lead poisoning is a fairly natural cause on your yard mate!..lol
  9. some english dude bred that FLIRT bitch….there would of been a few other good ones in that litter, but Dan had them pushing up Daisys before they was 7 months old lol
  10. I've had a few of this type now, first one was my ideal of what a terrier should look like, easily spannable, great coat and size,…she was an outright cur though, but she hunted like a hound,…then i had to jadg x bulls, they where super spooky, like nervous border collies, but handled well, and very attractive…I'm on my fourth, and he is BIG!,…he half Stevens (bred buy CREEDY) and half Pit,…easily the SLOWEST starting terrier I've ever had, took forever to get him going,…he's starting to hunt good now, swims like a fish, and handles really good,…f***ing crazy stamina!…he roads with my running
  11. Hope Hoss pulls through, offer is still open Doc...
  12. i wasn't having a go at all, i was just saying, and imo, if a dog is touching the ground, with any part of its body, it can cause damage to the dog,…i don't pull on terriers tails either.
  13. id never pull on a dogs tail like that, madness,…two reasons…you'll injure the dogs tail,…also, if there jaw to jaw, you'll only cause more damage to the dogs face and mouth….just my thoughts, not my dog.
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