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So, Tell Us, What Are Ye All At In The Veg Garden?

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The pic with the tall post is my boundary post and the bindweed is dieing good foot along my bottom

Fence,gooseberry bush is next to it.

Other pic is bindweed at top boundary fence ,and that's my sweet corn in background 2 plants died next to it.

The irritating thing is these are my top & bottom fences not the one seperating our plots so It can't be overspray at that distance,he must be deliberately spraying along my plot.



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Few pics of some bits.  

You are right Arry yours look well happy in there In my case it was simply a matter of laziness lol. I use the scaffold netting which was on them but I sort of threw it on. If your going to net y

been down today but not sure if the pics will work

Posted Images

Spring cabbage off to a flying start :wallbash:




sprouts had a slight nibbling




just need the rope holding the runners up to snap now and every thing should be tip top :laugh:




Terry this might be worth a try, last year had bad problems with cabbage whites then the woodies came in and finished the job.




I bought 25 meters roll of water pipe made some hoops bamboo canes with some diagonals pushed into the ground butterfly netting stapled to some battens pegged or weighted at the ends, its worked treat so far. did another one bought the wrong netting (bird netting i think) and the cabbage whites went right through.


Cheers Arry

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You are right Arry yours look well happy in there :thumbs: In my case it was simply a matter of laziness lol. I use the scaffold netting which was on them but I sort of threw it on.

If your going to net you need to do it proper and support the netting off the plants and secure it around the edges on the ground which also helps keep slugs out. I didn't and that is the result. I should have learnt by now :laugh:

Had a bit of a tidy up to day. It is that time of year now when I do tend to leave the plot get on with it and switch my focus to rabbits, big bass and pigeons.

So this year making the effort not to let it go.

Dug a few more spuds up and a general tidy for few hours




little no dig bed looking nice and clean so far




wish I had never planted these poxy flowers last year they are like weeds but better I guess




plenty of pickings





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Nice box of veg mate, good show of spuds there, can't grow potatoes always get blight. Even struggled with the Tomatoes this year shall try one called "Crimson Crush" next year as its supposed to be 100% blight resistant.


Cheers Arry

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Them toms in the picture are crimson crush Arry and yes they seem fine as far as blight goes. The spuds not far away all got blighted. They are suffering bad from blossom end rot but that is my fault with the watering or lack of in this case. Taste great and definitely a good out door tomato and I will be doing them next year but making the ground water retentive with one method or another . Bloody good crop too just shame most rotted


Yes Allan that is them :thumbs: Looking forward to chips monday night if not before

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Selection of bad ass chillies 🌶 Took a handful into the local curry house give them to the boss and he cooked me a few dishes with my home grown chillies , yes it was hot but also it was the best Indian we have ever tasted , the difference between real home grown chillies and shop bought and chillie powders was massive


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