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every week at my forge and workshop(updated)

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ok here we go some new finnbished knives and some that dint sell , plus what is left of the blanks i put up ..

everything in the following pics is for sale !!

please only seriuse pms about any of this stuff guys , i do my best to help you out , but im getting over ruin with pms and i cant keep up , and over 50% never come to anything .










the above is hand forged ladder pattern damascus (forged by me at my forge ) handle is green and black dymond wood with brass pins . there is a fire steel with this one to, it has black wallnut and buffalo horn handle , wet formed sheath and very sharp .








the above is o1 tool steel blank 4mm thick . it has resin soaked burl oak scales , with 4mm solid brass pins and 4mm brass tubes . it has a scandi grind (very sharp) a polish to it that is satin but very knife , hand madesheath by me in 4.5mm calf veg tan . i love this knife and will be making more of them in the future . i think the style is practical , non offensive , and very usable for hunting camping general utility what ever ..








the above it the modest brother version of mthe same knife , they are identical other than this one has less pins and sports the indistructable cocobolo dymond wood handle , same sort of sheath also made here bith mu fat stained hands !!





ok the stuff that dint sell .















and some better pics of whats left of the blanks , lets see if this help you make up your mind if you thinking of buying one .





all the best , matt

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just 3 blanks left and all the finnished knives !!????

i really hoped you guys would like the finnished ones and would snap them um !

£100 on the letter opener (damascus )

£100 on the green damascus knife with fire steel

£75 on the leaf shaped knife with dymond wood .

£ 8o on the buscraft knife

£95 on the leaf shaped knife knife with burl oak scales (the handle would cost £22 just for the wood !!

these are all really usable and ready to do you deeds ha ha

the above is with recorded delivery postage .

all the best , matt

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is it just me that finds it wierd that all the blanks are selling yet not the finished knifes?? i understand the blanks are cheaper, but lets be honest, i now for a fact i couldnt get that sort of finish even just putting a handle on a blank, never mind the sheath aswell...



just to add, my wee knife is still doing its job very well :thumbs:

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i cant beleave that green damascus and steel hasnt sold yet ... i would have it my self if i had the spare wonga

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there priced as units as well fellas £25 blank. £25 sheath and time and materials to handle them , i dunno what to think ?

it does worry me if i cant make this pay i will have to give up on it !

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Is this site your only advertising Matt? Good business is all about good advertising, your products speak for themselves! I would consider contacting the sporting mags and get something set up? Maybe even a double page article on what you do and showing off what you can produce?

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more like a couple of weeks work !!

thanks how did the interveiw go

ok mate thought these were what you knocked up last couple of days,looking great any way. yer got job il pm in morning :thumbs: .

might want to look into doing a couple of shows ,dunno what sort of price they charge to sell there though


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I'm trying to get Matt into the Countryside marquee, i run at a few north Country Shows, its about promoting "country ways", "country sports", and "country traditions", and crafts. Matt would be perfect. It wouldn't cost him anything.

I don't think Matt has enough advertising of his work. He should be inundated with orders, at those prices.

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thank you fellas , this will be my ...............................8th go at a business , some where great others rubbish , i used to have alot of money an M class BMW 1 sport and a very very nice life style , but the reccesion took it all way from me and made both me and the mrs bankrupt !! we are down to one car now that you would not keep a ferrit in and broke , i look like atramp and have nothing. so im building this from the ground up with no hand outs or loans ,every penny goes straight back into this on the beleif it will come right one day , i make almost nothing on this lot but its part of my plan to provide affordable tools for working men at working men prices , as long as you guys keep buying i dont need to worry about the prices yet !!

but i need to make a living at some point so it wont last forever !

im not going to do much damascus for a time not my own anyway i cant waist a week forging 3 blades for them not to sell . i have sourced billets from a friend , they are great quality and a fair price , so thats one way to go forward .

im a little paniced that the finnished ones havent sold but im sure they will .

as for advertising its really expensive and its one of those things if you get the place wrong or the advert wrong you get nothing in return , i simply dont have the money yet and if im honest im not sure what i would want to advertise , i dont like the pressure of commisions much and it is pressure , iv been trying to get one done all week and i cant get it right .


anyway thanks for the input guys im doing my best , and hope to be at the shows more next year and a few adverts in shooting press etc , all in time guys .

all the best , matt

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ps yeah sorry the file blanks have sold , im not doing anymore for a while they just eat up grinding belts and not worth doing at the price .

all the best , matt

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