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  1. lapin2008

    Signing Off For Now

    Glad its still doing the trick mate. If you/he wants a trip out with the ferrets next season your welcome to come up. CC has my old number so I will pm you both my new one
  2. lapin2008

    Signing Off For Now

    Lads you miss interpret. This isnt one of those "Mum the internet is picking on me" thread and I'm not 'down' about anything All it is is I didnt want to log off and for those who I exchange occasional pms with every now and again to wonder why I was no longer responding. I've never had any sort of gripe with anyone on here, ever. Just need to focus some time else where for now
  3. lapin2008

    Signing Off For Now

    Hi All, I will be signing off here for a while to focus on other stuff. Most of the lads I go out with obviously already have my number and I have already messaged those that I wasnt sure if they had my number or not. If there is anyone else that I have spoken to over the past few years on here that want my contact details send me a pm. I will leave it a couple of days before hopefully being deleted. cheers
  4. I dont think it did mate, someone must have just just hung onto it knowing the thread would die down at some point.
  5. lapin2008

    Nail Clipping

    This was my point, Their nails need cutting once, maybe twice a year through the summer. Its hardly a daily food supplement
  6. I dont envy your position. Good luck
  7. lapin2008

    Nail Clipping

    a small amount of butter, not a kilo. And before you call the RSPCA with tears in your eyes, I am not sure how lactose intolerant they actually are, bearing in mind it wasnt many decades back before our understanding of nutrition and animal welfare improved. many of them were still being fed mostly on bred soaked in milk
  8. Sorry to hear that, was the dogs you saw not as described?
  9. lapin2008

    Dangerous Dogs Itv 9Pm Tonight

    just watching it now... that dopey bell end feeding the 2 hungry dogs out of 1 small bowl.. 'look how aggressive they are' The 2 wardens with the akita, Yes they were stupid..but I dont really blame them too muchfor half stangling it trying to get it out of the house although they should be able to do better, they were limited in what they can do in all that shit. But when the dog is flacked out from lack of oxygen she comes out with "its too hot in there for him"
  10. lapin2008

    Opinel Knife

    same here the blade on mine is a completly different shape to what it started as
  11. lapin2008

    Nail Clipping

    If you're not sure how much to clip, go easy. Try getting butter, just a blob, smear it on the top of the hutch, let them lick it while you cut their nails. They love it will let you sort all their nails without wriggling or trying to get away
  12. lapin2008

    Opinel Knife

    just bought 2 No9's , and seem easy to keep sharp edge , don't know about getting wet though, are they bad when wet then .? The wood swells and they can be more difficult to get the blade out/closed. Cant fault them though generally
  13. lapin2008

    Log Burners

    If its any good to you. I have about 2m section of flu lining in the garage you can have that was left over from when they fitted ours
  14. lapin2008

    20K To Play With

    Good luck with it
  15. lapin2008

    Log Burners

    its not that much to get the whole flu lined anyway, cant remember exactly how much but it was less than half a days work