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every week at my forge and workshop(updated)

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Some cracking work there............. :thumbs:

Oh and a weegie looking for a minature knife............."for hunting purposes".. ;) ;) :whistling:

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thank you all its nice to be apriciated , poa for the damascus knives , but the little stick tang knives are £7.50 each or 2 for £10 (arrow head shape)

the larger two are £10 each or 2 for £15

one of the full tang mini knives has sold the other is £12

the all black pauncher has sold

the one with sheath is now £40

thats delivered to you recorded first class .

i will have some more similar to the large damascus next week but not damascus , infact thats the three sat on the anvil , one is spoken for the other two will be available .

i have something special non damascus next week also largesh but very eligant and attractive .

and a few other tricks up my sleave .

anyone who wanted the sheffield style antler handled knives will be pleased i have some nice ingridiance for a couple of thos to .

all the best , matt.

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Matt that is no letter opener!

It's a falconry stillette if ever I saw one.

Put it on eBay twice lol.



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Great work Matt, and knives that will last a lifetime with care.

Remember lads this is Matts living, not a hobby. Try not to knock him down on price, the knives / blades are worth every penny, and more to be honest.

Craftsman stuff.

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    • By GruffaloGriff
      Here is the UK legal carry Opinel mod slip-joint i have been working on.

      I dropped the point on the original no8 blade and shortened it to 3"
      The slightly unusual shape was determined by the central pivot point and steps in the original blade. You can see this from the pre-assembly pic. Although it looks slightly unusual it has the advantage of giving a shoulder to place your thumb on which actually holds the slipjoint spring in making it even more solid and less likely to fold up on your fingers than a normal slipjoint design.
      Milled brass liners with soldered bolsters and stabilized stag scales, all fixed together with stainless pins with the exception of the brass rivets on the scales.
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      aeb-l bohler udderholm , stainless,blade , leadwood handle ,red g10 liners  ,stainless fittings 

    • By GruffaloGriff
      A little something for the Mora fans that don't want a fixed blade.
      104mm Sandvic stainless Mora blade with the classic scandi grind.
      N0 8 Opinel hardware and fitted to red stag antler with stabilized core.
      Phosphor Bronze contact plates to give smooth long lasting action.
      Overall length of knife is 140mm
      P1100485 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100465 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100464 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100482 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100459 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100469 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100477 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100456 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100455 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100460 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100474 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">P1100468 by Terry Griffiths, on Flickr">
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      .....A knife made from a wheel bearing.
      Recently changed the front wheel bearing on my car. I had heard the steel can make good blades so did a bit of research. Bearing steel tends to be Bohler 52100 and indeed makes good knife steel with a good chromium content keeping the carbide grains small and the blade tough.
      I made this carver for the kitchen, similar to the shape of the one that it is replacing (inferior cheap stainless and now well worn from sharpening). The handle is melamine, not the most exotic looking but functional. The blade is made from the opposite side race to the one it is sitting on in the pictures.
      Have been using it for a week and it still slices paper so i am very hppy with its performance.
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