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Found 32 results

  1. If anyone’s interested, I decided to pattern and compare .22 and 9mm flobert shotshells. Using my 14 inch Anschütz, I shot a .22 Winchester superX #12 shot at a rat target at five yards to see if it would likely be effective at that range. To compare using my 24 inch Manu-Arm bolt action, I shot 9mm fiocchi #6 shot at the same range, and 9mm rws acorn brand #10 at the same range. I went on to extend the range of the 9mm flobert’s at ten, fifteen and twenty yards for comparison. Here’s the results.....
  2. I had an hour to spare so decided to take the 17HMR out, I don't get it out enough really, mainly just because I'm a tight old git! Anyway hole number one, ranged at 88 yards with rangefinder, scanning the ground with the scope, a bloody immigrant came into sight, to my absolute disgust it was actually copulating with a local, having no choice I promptly dispatched it, the participant promptly ran off or it would have got the same. Three more locals swiftly followed their demise, as I was waiting to see if any more wanted to play I realised I had my phone, so took pictures too. I then went on down the road to another spot I frequent, most ran off as I approached, but managed to nail two that were convinced they were hidden as rocks, I proved them wrong. One actually managed to writhe around a bit after the first shot so a second was issued promptly, these were around the 75 yard mark. I wanted to checkout another hole I'd been hammering quite hard during the week and taken 19 out of since Monday. I was pretty sure they knew my landy by now and would be holed up before I got chance to scope them out, oh how wrong I was, two babies an easy target out around eighty yards (yes I shoot babies, they'll be big ones soon enough). I also missed a bigger one a bit further out which ran to ground very quickly, must have been close but not close enough. I'm sure everyone has seen enough dead rabbits so took some of the scenery I shoot around instead apart from the floozy immigrant, I thought you all like to see that. All in all not a bad hour, and the scores are :- Rounds taken = 10 Bunnies dispatched = 8 = £4 from the estate. 5 sold = £5 so all in all more than covered the ammo, happy daze
  3. Just spoke to my RFD and still no news on the new Tikka rimfire, release date was supposed to be April-May Ive got my name down in the book for a 16” 17 HMR. Anyone else heard anything?
  4. Hello, Chaps. I have been told by the landowners and keepers where I do most of my Pest Control etc. I need to get my FAC to go forward into the future. I have permissions to shoot on various land, But I'm a traditionalist and prefer to work the ferrets and dogs etc. ( I remove thousands per year ). I do pest control for a living and I am fully insured, qualified etc in all these departments. I recently went on a job to shoot some rabbits with a gentleman I know and he used his 17 HMR, I will never use a Rapid 7 again.lol. The time has now come for me to take the next step and get my FAC. I intend to go for a 22 Rimmy and 1st of all a 17 HMR. This is the bit I'm sort of stuck on etc.... I do not want to join some local gun club and spend all my time shooting at targets on a range with posh people talking about facts and figures. I fully understand the need for knowledge and competency, safety etc. But I have no time for new friends and social circles in my life at the moment. IS there anyone local to me who would be kind enough to offer me some guidance and mentorship through the process of getting all my paperwork and equipment sorted etc. In return, I will make it worth your while either financially or with some sport on my land with me etc. I'm in Rotherham S.yorks. I have access to land local, but my main bulks of permissions are on the Yorkshire Dales. Kindest of regards Vin.
  5. As it was nice took the .22 out, using cci mini mags got these four around the 60yds mark, all headshots within 15 minutes. As I took the first photo and was about ready to pack up, one of their friends popped it's head out wanting to play, around the 40yds mark, I was happy to oblige. The difference in damage at 20yds difference is explosive.
  6. Is anyone aware of Fallow deer in or around Annandale area Lockerbie area ?? or can anyone advise me of nearby sightings please as i would like an idea of where they are cheers
  7. Hi Lads, I was out lamping on my own last night,after fox,With the .223 and the hand held 170. As per my norm, I got into a few difficulties lamping and shooting.on my own. I am thinking of getting a scope mounted 170.But I cant see a variable option are they available????? I will be mounting it on a centrefire and a rimfire. Any advice welcome. I was wondering what the boys who lamp single handed use?? Thanks in advance Wam
  8. HI Guys i have just received my variation to give me a 2506 im thinnking of purchasing a Sako Finnlight and was wondering if anyone using this gun and caliber and if they could reccommend any rounds that have been proved as suitable and accurate or does anyone think there is a better rifle out there compared to Sako Finnlight ?? thanks for any help guys
  9. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction - I've been a member of our local rifle club for three months and am looking to get my first .22 rifle. I'd like to use it for rabbits, permission pending, but more often for practising precision and timed target shooting at the range, and for this it needs a 6 round magazine minimum. All I can find on my internet window shopping sprees so far are the Ruger 10/22 (same as the club's gun I'm using at the moment) and tactical looking semi-autos which I'm not really that fond of as I prefer more traditional looking guns. After something with a bit of quality for 'the journey' with a six round magazine or more. I'd be very interested to hear any recommendations for rifles I should be checking out. Cheers
  10. Looking for a Swift Rimfire mod for .22 if anyone can help, preferably the stumpy version cheers, Keith
  11. The Birthday present has arrived and its perfect Plano Gun Guard SE Series Contour Single Scoped Rifle Case eBay item number: 281064365878 Just need the FAC to turn up so I can pick up my Anschutz 1417 Thumbhole .22LR. Oh come on Kent Police FAC Office!
  12. Took a walk about with the 22LR and lamp after a few rabbits hadn't used the Sako for some time but on its last outing it was fine and zeroed ok bolt seemed stiff when pushing home the round and missed the first few bunnies (head shooting) so thinking it must be me as not that good a shot that I hit everything I aim at I decided to go for body shots and got the next two but now the round just didn't want to feed into the chamber and so I packed in .Today I cleaned the rifle and even used an air line to blow any gunge out that I couldn't reach and then had a go feeding the rounds into the chamber as I pushed the bolt forward the round was so miss aligned that a piece of the bullet head was shaved of as it entered the chamber.Started the think gunsmith bill in the offing but thought one last good look at whats happening. The round was not being sprung up to the top a the magazine and on closer inspection there was a build up of what looked like wax on the inner lip of the mag so cleaned it off and now the bolt is back to its smooth action and rounds a feeding in nicely .just thought I would share this in case anyone else gets the same problem. 1 Wax could be from case coating. 2 shaved bullet head could account for missing or could just be me will find out next session
  13. Gents, I'm currently in Wilshire. just got back frim Afghanistan in October. the wife has treated me to a Cz 455 Varmint .22 fitted with Hawke panorama for Xmas. I'm itching to get out and putting the girl through her paces, I have a permission but its an hour away from where I live and there are limitations as to when I can go down. Also have a HW97 .22 fitted with Hawke eclipse 4x16 if the opportunity for a bit of close quarter combat rises with some rats lol Any one in Wiltshire (not fussed were abouts) looking for a bit of company on a shoot, sit there and listen to my crap war stories lol! like I said just got back from Afghan and was running the bi-monthly range out there for near enough 700 people twice a month for 6 months. fully qualified SAA instructor (Section-Platoon Weapons instructor) so professionalism and saftey is not a question have asked locally but I think squaddies must just have a bad name around here because no one was interested in letting me shoot on there land. Currently based in Chippenham but not fussed where I have to travel to. im available all the way up to the end of January Ill even provide a thermos of coffee for the day Regards Pat
  14. Hi all can anyone help me I'm looking to find clubs local to me for center fire and rim fire I'm in Swindon wiltshire.
  15. I've Just purchased a new Browning T-Bolt in .22 stainless. I already own a CZ 452 in .22. Can anyone tell me if I can expect to get the same accuracy out of the Browning as I already do from the CZ ? I purchased the CZ new in 1992 and its still in original condition (no mods). I'm shooting about an inch group at 60 yards (with no wind) with the CZ Have I made the right choice with the new purchase ?
  16. i thought i would put this video in the rimfire section as well as the night vision section as it crosses both categories. we were out for nights shooting rabbits with our .22lr's mine a CZ 452 with Boyd's stock and micks a ruger 77/22 we ended up with 160 rabbits by the end of the night. The mist kept coming and going so it made for difficult filming with night vision so apologies in advance for the odd fuzzy shot. all the rabbits were head shot as they were going to the game dealers in the morning as soon as we had finnished. Enjoy Cheers Daz
  17. The blurring on my barrel of my CZ is looking a bit old. Is there a way I can blue it back up, bare in mind I'm a novice and I'm worried about ruining it. My mate used blueing kit and now it's gone blotchy. Advice and ideas please gents.
  18. Hi all, I have a problem with my CZ 17hmr style, it keeps loosing its zero every time I use it! I have hawke match style mounts on a weaver rail and a MTC Taipan 6x24x56 scope, Harris adjustable bipods a SAK moderator and I have fitted a lighter yodaves trigger kit. I have set the eye relief on the scope so I do not have to move my head and so I get a clear image through the scope. The only thing I can think of is that when I fitted the trigger kit I didn't use a torque wrench on the action bolts I just guessed them.... Could this cause it to loose zero all the time? Please someone help me haha it's really getting on my nerves! Thanks, dan.
  19. Hi guys, and fems, Any of you peeps shooting a Ruger 10 22, looking for info, are they accurate and at what range and do they have problems with jamming. differant gun dealers have differant views on them, cheers peeps
  20. Hi all I'm looking at a new browning x bolt stainless fluted stalker in 22-2250 for fox and roe and if anyone has one your comments on the gun itself would be great Any additional info on ammo and distances etc would be great too Cheers guys
  21. After a few years of FAC air I finally have a FAC with slots for 22lr and 17HMR. So had to decide which to buy first and settled on the 22lr because I like quiet guns and will need practice at longer ranges to get the most out of either of them and 22LR is cheaper to practice with. So then the next question? Old, new or modern second hand? I was tempted by a new CZ 452 Varmint for about £350 but did I want to spend all I felt able to on one gun or keep some back for the HMR later? Looked at and handled a Ruger 77/22 but it didn't feel special. A CZ 381 for £70 was tempting but I didn't like the trigger at all. So I settled on a second hand 452 16" Varmint at a price I was happy with, and a SAK Mod and got them to throw in some Winchester Subs. So I've been itching to give it a try for days. I fitted a basic 3-9x50 scope which I lifted from one of my air rifles. Went into the fields to zero it. Met a few people - an old lady walking her dog was interested so I coached her through a shot - a couple of middle aged folk panicking that I had a gun and they didn't know where one of their dogs was but we got on OK and had a bit of chat about fluffy bunnies - and some bullocks who thought I was interesting and wanted to play rough. I't usually pretty quite where I was but I guess normally I'm sneaking around and not staying in one place for long. Anyway - very happy with my choice but need to tighten my groups at longer ranges than I used the FAC air. Must improve the trigger but I'l try and do it the old fashioned way rather than get a kit. The stock seems to flex when I'm using a sling which seems odd - maybe the front stock mount screw is not tight enough but then I'd rather not be puling on the barrel. Come to that it could do with new stock and trigger guard screws but they seem so pricey - anyone know where I should buy them? I'd prefer hex ones. I don't know whether you know but I get a lot of inspiration from this forum, so thank you all. Halam
  22. try putting that on pw theyd have ya guts for gatters personaly id say good shot and y the hell have i got lines fru my post lol
  23. Went out to my dads land to zero in my new CZ this afternoon. Got it almost spot on, think it still needs a little fine tuning the wind really picked up with drizzle as well so not ideal zeroing conditions. My brother went and spoke to a farmer from up the road that he used to work for and after saying about my new rifle's he said i'd be more then welcome to shoot on his land, as he's got a slight rabbit problem. The man that used to shoot all his rabbits moved away 5 months ago, the farmer usually just shoots the rabbits that come within range of his house, so some of the fields are full of rabbits! Wasn't long before i got my first rabbit with my new CZ.. then the second.... then third.. Great day out with my brother ended up with 24 rabbits, really impressed with the performance of the gun especially with the sak mod and subs. Took the HMR out at the end of the day, on the permission there's some nice open fields that i can see the HMR being my tool of choice. RR.
  24. Well guys i just got back from a 3 day fire course to find my FAC had arrived!! Sent away the paperwork on the 12th of may, had my interview on the 31st of may and FAC was delivered to my house on 15th of june. So 36 day in all, not bad i'd say! Gave a quick call to my local gun dealer and went for a look this afternoon.. Ended up buying a new CZ 452 style 22" in .17hmr and a A-tec mod never got a scope or rings so any suggesting would be welcome, thinking of something with 12 or 14 mag, budget maybe around £200-£250. Lucky for me a customer had just come back with a CZ set up that morning, he was moving house and didn't need his rifle. So i bought it straight off the dealer its the 16" barrel version in .22 with a bushnell trophy 3-9x50 scope, I bought a new sak mod for it. Dealer reckons its had 100-150 rounds through it, couple of small scratches on the stock but i'm happy! Picked up a hard case as well for them. Thank for the help guys, roll on the rabbits!! RR.
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