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  1. neil ramsden


    make that useful info
  2. neil ramsden


    Thanks guys, useful onfo. Let me know your results on the T20 and pulsar 550 many thanks
  3. neil ramsden


    QUESTION = if i had a infra red night vision scope or monocular, and i wanted to improve the clarity and distance could i use a powerful torch and a ir filter from a camera, or does it have to be a infra red torch eg nightmaster 800,
  4. neil ramsden

    Ruger 10 22

    Hi guys, and fems, Any of you peeps shooting a Ruger 10 22, looking for info, are they accurate and at what range and do they have problems with jamming. differant gun dealers have differant views on them, cheers peeps
  5. neil ramsden

    3 shot Norica Bolt Action .410

    bought this little 410, very happy, nice one wild dog cheers
  6. neil ramsden


    Hi Sam, got £160 if your interested can pick up saturday (subject to viewing)
  7. neil ramsden

    Webley Stingray 22 .. £100 liverpool area.

    do you still have gun for sale ?