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  1. SxS are a lot lighter on a long day,But kick a bit more.A double trigger does take some getting used to. But not an issue after. I feel it is a better gun for walked up shooting when only a few shots are expected . But that could just be me , getting older
  2. Hi Lads, I was out lamping on my own last night,after fox,With the .223 and the hand held 170. As per my norm, I got into a few difficulties lamping and shooting.on my own. I am thinking of getting a scope mounted 170.But I cant see a variable option are they available????? I will be mounting it on a centrefire and a rimfire. Any advice welcome. I was wondering what the boys who lamp single handed use?? Thanks in advance Wam
  3. Always go and have a look at the sex and condition of the critter.Then bush it away from public access. Apart from when said animal is causing trouble for the landowner.Then leave it for them to see .To show your doing your job.
  4. Worked over gun.Worked everything they came across.
  5. Hi Guys, Two Border Terrier dog pups for sale. Born 01/04/2012 Kc registered fully wormed and jabed £300
  6. I could have made a mistake it was last light and in a rush ,with the light . Cheers Kevin
  7. ok its late . DEER ,DEER, DEER ,DEER!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi , I shot a buck yesterday evening and one part of the liver looked greyish rather than the usual burgandy. when I cut it open it looked a little spungy.But the beast was as healty as can be otherwise . I would say it was about 2 years old.My questions are. What is it and would you eat the beast?? looking on the net most people bin the liver and eat the rest.Any info would be great . cheers Wam
  9. Cheers Tegater, I`ve already checked Midwayuk out they don`t have .243. But does anybody know anything about this tool ???? http://www.midwayuk.com/apps/eproductpage.exe/showproduct?SaleItemID=654854 Cheers Wam
  10. Hi Boys , Where can I get a broken shell extractor like this http://www.brownells.com/userdocs/learn/Inst-392.pdf I was out with the .243 and the neck of the case was left behind. I`ve tried extra thick patch from the end of barrel . How can it be removed. Cheer`s Wam
  11. Hi Boys, What do you feed the bitch in pup ? cheers Wam
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