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Found 14 results

  1. Is anyone aware of Fallow deer in or around Annandale area Lockerbie area ?? or can anyone advise me of nearby sightings please as i would like an idea of where they are cheers
  2. Driving back from Sunday dinner not 5 miles away at the side of the road rooting up where the council removed storm damaged trees a big hairy assed wild boar tusks an all me n the Mrs both saying WTF at the same time .Being in a line of cars couldnt stop and take a piccy .But deffo go back Monday evening with the camera .Checked with the local special breeds man and his are all locked up indoors .Someone,s going to be making their own sausages down that way
  3. Hi Lads, I was out lamping on my own last night,after fox,With the .223 and the hand held 170. As per my norm, I got into a few difficulties lamping and shooting.on my own. I am thinking of getting a scope mounted 170.But I cant see a variable option are they available????? I will be mounting it on a centrefire and a rimfire. Any advice welcome. I was wondering what the boys who lamp single handed use?? Thanks in advance Wam
  4. HI Guys i have just received my variation to give me a 2506 im thinnking of purchasing a Sako Finnlight and was wondering if anyone using this gun and caliber and if they could reccommend any rounds that have been proved as suitable and accurate or does anyone think there is a better rifle out there compared to Sako Finnlight ?? thanks for any help guys
  5. Hello, This i a review of my Titan 6. I will try to use good English. I have been shooting the titan 6 for about 8 month's now. Now i can really tell if this rifle is good or not. My rifle specifications and set up: Titan 6 .243 winchester 19mm semi weight barrel (65cm) Single set trigger Luxes wood stock EAW mounts Swarovski z6i 2.5-15x56 Harris 6-9 inch bipod Pro's and Con's + Very nice looking rifles + Great accuracy + Great trigger + Superb bolt cycling (never seen better) + You can make your own style gun at www.titan6.com + Quick changeable barrel + Good service - Plastic parts - Trouble putting 3 bullets in magazine (explain later) - Bit picky on ammo choice -/+ Long bolt cycling, for me this is no con but some people may think it is. With my rifle i shot over 400 times now. So far it never lost zero and always shooting great. The only time i had some trouble with the gun was when putting 3 bullets in the magazine. The spring in the mag was getting so much tension that it pushed the first bullet out before it was fully lined up with the chamber resulting in a jam. When i contacted Rossler about this they sended me a new magazin for free within a week! So the service of this company is great! Also email contact with the factory is very good and fast. When i first looked at the pictures of the titan i really liked the looks. But when i started to read reviews and tests of the titan i started second guessing myself. Some reviews where really positive but some where terrible. Here in Holland titan is not popular (i think in Great Britain it's the same?) so some shooting with the rifle or even seeing it before i bought it was a problem. After several months of thinking and doubting i ordered the gun. Until today i am so happy it bought this gun. I shot with a tikka t3 next to mine and the tikka felt like a toy gun. Shooting from the bipod is great with my gun but shooting free handed is almost impossible due to the heavy barrel. The gun mounted with the swarovski weights: 4.4 kilo's. However the same gun without the heavy barrel and scope only weights 3 kilo's When i first tested the rifle i bought 3 different brand of ammo: Sako grain (i think), Norma 58 grain vmax, Winchester ballistic silvertip 95 grian. The first two would not group as i hoped, they both did over 1 inch to 2 inch groups at 110 yards. But the winchesters made nice clover leaf groups. So i zeroed the gun with the winchesters and started shooting groups at 110 yards. After that i started shooting a 220 yards and the groups where still great (about 1,5 inch) then i pushed is further to 273 yards and the groups where still about 2 inch! At 330 yards the groups remained to be at about 2 inch. However i had some flyers but it's not the rifle who did that. Sorry for the strange ranges but in Holland we use meters instead of yards. I'm sure the rifle could produce even better groups i i took the time for it. I now have shot crows from 100 yards upto 400 yards! And i have to say that hitting a crow sized target up to 300 yards is not a problem at all if there are no strong winds. Every time i pull the trigger the guns brings a big smile on my face! Everything from the looks, handling, cycling of the bolt to the accuracy is great in my eyes! Why these guns are not that popular i don't know. In my opinion these titans are some of the best guns for the money! Here are some pictures of the rifle:
  6. whippeter69

    Day And Night~

    Haven't had time to put this post up earlier in the week and todays my first chance. I work a odd shift pattern, 4 days on and 4 days off which gives me plenty of time to go shooting on my days off, its pretty handy actually. I had arranged on my last four off that me and my mate would go do some serious pest control on a couple of farms that were getting hammered by all sorts of pests. Feral pigeons, foxes, rabbits and canada geese. All which we were more than happy to take out of the equation ! The day started with a pump up of the air arms s400, should i add that we only had a hand pump for the gun and we took it in turns to fill the cylinder up. I had forgotten how long it took to use those bloody pumps! Hard work. But anyway, with that done, we fired a few shots to make sure the Premier rounded point .22 pellets were shooting well and that was the first gun of the evening ready ! We made our way over to a farm near me that always had a few pigeons hanging about. The barns are full of cows and feed so it really makes an ideal place for them to live, i don't blame them to be honest. We loaded the single shot Air Arms and began our walk around, tracking turns in shooting. We managed to creep around the farm buildings without spooking too many of the cows. I always get a bit nervous of the farmer if he sees cows rising around in the barns, i don't think they like it that much. Being here with an air rifle reminded me of when i started shooting, funny enough on the exact farm, hunting the same quarry over 10 years ago! It was such good fun back then, and it still is now. We had been at this particular farm for around 30 minutes now and had 6 feral pigeons in the bag, that left on the farm yard whilst we searched for more not even the farm dogs fancied touching. Horrible things. With the birds in the bag and nothing around, we mad our move to the second farm. Funny enough the farmer was going to ring my mate to say he had a problem with pigeons and ask if we could come over. Well a problem was to say the least, there must have been a good 40 when we turned up ! We spoke the young farmer, he likes to chat this lad, don't blame him really. Farmers probably don't get to do much socialising this time of year when lambs and calfs are being born left right and centre. With the 'quick' chat done, we set about doing as much damage as we could, to the pigeons of course. It was the usual story of feral pigeon shooting, you go to them, shot 1,2 maybe 3 and then follow them around until the stop and repeat the same process. it saves time, waiting for them to come back and also stops any horrible dead leg or arse from sitting down for a stupid amount of time. An hour in and we had exactly 27 pigeons in the pile ! Not bad. We couldn't retrieve 4 as they landed on roofs or behind cows with calfs in the clafing sheds so we rather not disturb them for a scraggy pigeon. We made our way back to the van when we could see two rabbits playing in the field next to the yard, a pair of rabbits would have finished perfectly for the session, my mate took aim and dropped the larger rabbit at 35 yards with a lovely head shot. I had forgotten why the sound of a pellet hitting a rabbit skull had sounded like. It sounded good ! The second ran through the fence onto the yard, stopped for a moment and received a .22 rounded pellet to the neck with disabled it not 25 yards from where we stood ! With that done, we informed the farmer that we would return at night when they were securely in the barns and so we could mop them up ! All good. We returned home to prepare for a nights lamping, you know that feeling when you now you're going to have a good night, i was smiling before we had even started ! I made sure i had everything i needed, bullets, gun, sticks, lamp, caller, battery, license for the old bill incase we got stopped, coat and snacks. All was ready and waiting for darkness to fall. It was a looking to be very good conditions for lamping, not too much wind, very dark and plenty of cloud cover, had there been a drizzle of rain this would have been perfect ! We started on the farm that we had left, Castell, which is welsh for Castle. We arrived, parked in the same spot, got the air rifle ready and began operation 'mop up'. Within minutes we had picked off 10 extra pigeons. It really is the best was to control these vermin. The shooting was second to none, humane and efficient, no loud noises, no "give me a go" as you sometimes get with other so called vermin controllers. We went here to have fun, we were here to do a job. With a walk around the yard, barns and buildings, we had picked off a rather healthy 20 pigeons, unfortunately, not all were retrievable as to where they had landed, but the farmer did not mind this, he understood that not all the pigeons can be picked up. With the beams of the barns and cracks in the walls looking free from pigeons in almost all the locations we looked, we were happy to put the air rifle away and trade in for the mighty .223 ! As this farm is in the middle, tail end of lambing, we wanted to try our best at shooting a fox to minimise the chances of lambs being taken, as the usual story goes 'you don't know you've got foxes until its too late', well prevention is better than cure and we wanted to prevent mr.fox as much as possible. Lamps ready and rifle loaded, we made our way to the top of the yard to call for a ginger ninja in the rather large flat fields of Castell ! I called for a good 10 minutes, my mate with the rifle in hand, as it was his permission i let him shoot first. The red filter on the light force lance is good at picking eyes but you cannot really make out a shape or body at more than 200 yards. But this didn't matter, the red light being propelled from my light force picked up a pair of eyes that were not there thirty seconds ago. I need not inform my mate of the customer, he was already ready for him. The fox was safe, the shot rung out from the Tikka T3 .223 which only had to travel yards before connecting with the fox, but no slap was heard, only a bullet to disintegrate into grass and the tail of mr fox giving the 'I'm out of here' look ! It was a miss. I whipped off the filter, and my mate reloaded, we waited for the four legged vermin to give the 'last look'. He was a long way away but still in the same field. He reached the hedge and made is was 90' to our left. He stopped, the white light illuminating his rather fearsome eyes, and his body against the hedge. I called the shot good and the shot was release, we waited for the 53 Grain V-Max Superformance to do its job, and the sound of the bullet hitting the engine room allowed me to release the tense hold i had on the light force. He was down! It was a long long way down the field, we paced it out and the fox had been 270yards from the gateway which we had shot ! Not bloody bad . We called for a second but nothing showed. It was time to move on. A text in the morning to inform the farmer is all thats needed now. We moved to the second permission, this being a 2 minute drive from this particular one. Earlier in the day we noticed a field being cut, we both knew what this meant. We pulled into the field and I prepared the rifle. Before i could even unclip the gun, my mate had spotted a fox having a sit down in the pile of grass that had been drying int he sun only 6 hours ago. I readied the rifle and acquired the fox in the Leupold, a nice long breath out, half a breath in, tight hold and a squeeze of the trigger the bullet connected with the fox, for him to only run a short distance, but enough for him to give us trouble to find it ! We searched for 20 minutes but could not find it, we arranged to come back in the boring with my GWP for a good search. I knew the shot was good and the connection was solid. Across the valley i had notice a second fox, this was laying up in a ploughed field. We could walk right up to this one i thought, it was one of those foxes ! I handed the rifle to my mate, it was his turn. We walked carefully into the field which the fox was laying up in. My mate readied on the bipod, the fox was not bothered by us, as a busy road was near by he probably thought the white light was that of a car passing, how wrong he was. The shot was taken and the fox simply dropped its head in the sudden moment of death. She didn't move an inch. Later we would realise that not only did we do the farmer a favour, we did the fox a favour swell. She was an old thing, missing teeth, brown gums, but a large fox by all accounts, a vixen. Not in cub judging by her underside. How strange. A fine sized vixen like this deserves to breed, both those straggly town foxes. We hung her on the fence for the eye of the farmer in the morning and made out way back the van. We made our way to another permission that is very handy, you can drive the lane for a mile landing each field left and right, i had the rifle in my hands, and a fox was spotted about yards from us, a quick load and a shoulder of the rifle and i was ready. A simple, text book shot to the engine room, dropped this young dog fox. He was simply not quick enough. We continued on our nights lamping, going to the early hours of the morning (3:30) we spotted a further 3 foxes but they were clever and experienced, the foxes i love to hunt. Its those types of foxes that keeps us wanting more, keeps us going out in hope to finally 'Outfox' the fox. Here is a picture of my retrieved fox the next morning, the shot was good as i had thought and he was found 30 yards from where hew was shot, just goes to show that foxes can run after being shot, even by a v max .223 that took the heart and lungs out ! Happy lamping guyes, its day 4 for me so i gotta go or il be late for work, but i know what I'm doing for my 4 off ! Josh
  7. c.swilkins

    Wiltshire Clubs

    Hi all can anyone help me I'm looking to find clubs local to me for center fire and rim fire I'm in Swindon wiltshire.
  8. I was actually thinking the same thing, is there another alternative to the .17hmr which offers great accuracy over longer range, less effected by the wind and does no more damage to the meat?. As i have no experience with the 22 or 17 hornets and neither the 17 remington or fireballs i can understand that there may be varied factors to take into account and reloading being one in favour, so if someone like myself or another person thinking of changing calibre would the types calibre's i've stated be viable options, i know that you always end up sacrificing in one way or another. almost forgot to say that i would be using the alternative for the same reasons matthill01 has stated being predominantly rabbits and some fox.
  9. Hi all looking to upgrade from a .22lr which I've shot for a couple of years now to a .22 hornet, for longer range vermin and he occasional fox when lamping, plan to keep the .22lr but was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent .22 hornet under £750? Cheers for any help!
  10. For a long time now When i'm removing the tails of shot foxes i leave the tail bone still attached to charlie. I'm now looking for a good way to preserve the tails. I've tried salt but it didn't work for me. I was told ages ago about Borex but can't find it in any of the chemists I go to, most of them no longer have it on their system. I was thinking of using methylated spirit but was told by the Chemist that this probably won't work. Any ideas lads?
  11. Hi I am looking to sell my howa 223 stainless heavy barrell. it's a accurate and cracking gun it comes with scope bag and some bullets I will have a count up but proberly around 60 rounds also spare heads powder and primers I am looking for £750 it is in excellent condition and won't let you down. I can post pics if you get In touch thanks Dan
  12. On Saturday night i decided it was time to set off out after Charlie. The weather was just perfect, it was very dark with slight drizzle and a light breeze. It was the night after heavy rain and strong winds. Getting ready i grabbed the 222 out of the cabinet and screwed on the T8 whilst deciding which bullets to use, due to windy conditions i went with the Remington Express 50gr PSP. I grabbed a few calls, snacks and was ready for take off, when all of a sudden my girlfriend insisted she accompanied me. After what felt like 2 hours she was finally ready. When we walked outside the door it was absolutely p*****g it down but this didn't bother me the slightest. I had one goal on my mind and that was to get the fox that had been taking the neighbors hens. We jumped in the Land Rover and drove up to a spot where in previous nights i had seen it lurking around. Sweeping the fields with the lamp revealed a couple of eyes, but they were only hares so my lass turned off the lamp. after about 20 seconds of calling we gave it 5 minutes before scanning again. Turning it back on revealed a badger. So we continued up the road. Because it was late we both decided we weren't going to stay out as long as usual so we drove straight to the moor in which the fox had been seen last. Driving up the track i noticed that my girlfriend had fallen asleep, so i had to open all the gates myself. We traveled about 600 yards along the track at the bottom side of the moor. i got out and swept the lamp across the open land. Nothing was around so i decided to call. i use a pocket call 3n1 on the cx setting. With the lamp still on, i let the rabbit squeal into the night, after about 5 minutes a set of eyes appeared over the top of the quarry around 900 yards away. so i turned off the lamp and woke up sleepy head lol. She passed me the rifle and i cycled a round into the chamber as she quietly wound down the window, opening the bipod legs i continued to call. Instinctively my girlfriend turned on the lamp and we both watched him running in towards us, she had the light slightly above his head just enough for us to see his eyes glowing. When he reached around 300 yard i watched him come in through the Schmidt & Bender, when all of a sudden he disappeared, so i squeaked with the back of my hand and all of a sudden he emerged. He stopped still in his tracks at around 150 yards away looking directly at us trying to figure out what it was, before he had chance i let rip a 50gr, with a sudden thud confirming a hit. It was a clean kill straight to the chest. I was chuffed with how my lass handled the lamp as she didn't spook it. On closer inspection it turned out to be the fox id been after! a big dog fox!
  13. Hi, I've put in my FAC and got a visit tonight, he advised me to go co-terminous, so will do. This looks very promising to me getting a 17hmr am 223. I have looked at the Browning, could anyone clarify the difference between X-bolt and A-bolt?? I like the look of a Stainless barrel, but is it ideal when foxing with a lamp? Will the fox notice the whiteness of the barrel in the light? Many thanks
  14. Guys, As per title. Can I please ask your advice... Pick up my M595 on tuesday and would like to find a starting point to experiment with ammo and save some money on tricks already tried! will mainly be for deer, Roe in particular, with the odd fox. The stipulation is that it must be 100grn heads or more to conform to both England and Scottish deer laws. So please post the manufactures and types found to hold the best attributes for your Tikka M595'. did a quick search but couldn't see this posted before, but appologies if it has... Chris