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  1. As above, just can't get on with it, as I need a compact rifle so going to go back to reflex. Superb sound moderating properties, not had it long at all, good condition as it had sniper tape on it to protect the mod. £200 or offers.
  2. can you email me photos too presume you can RFD
  3. is it a varible lamp?
  4. For sale my lovely well looked after CZ 452 American Varmint in .17HMR This rifle has been very very well looked after and has been my pride and joy since I had my FAC first. I believe its a 18in Barrel the trigger has been done and is a lovely crisp break. the rifle will come with the following. Reflex Moderator proofed for .17HMR Docter 6x42 scope (these a truely underated scopes, former Zeiss Factory) 600 Rounds of Ammo 2 x 5 shot mags and 1 x 10 shot mags Cleaning Jag Cleaning Brush Sl
  5. Accuracy international make ours. Bespoke to the rifle. (Interchangeable between rifles) However iv only ever used it on a range it's very rarely used on Op's unless your tier 1 of course. The T8 is probably mil spec but to which mil spec there are loads. All I know it's a bloody good moderator. And a worthy purchase
  6. next you will be saying its all linked to drug gangs and people trafficking, steeling is steeling whether rural or not, poaching is poaching both are different in law. you do not poach sheep you steel them, you don't steel deer you poach them. rural crime is on the increase because its the easy option compared to towns and cities. the thing is most rural crime is not pre meditated and as such is hard if not impossible to predict, That's what I just said isn't it? Steeling sheep isn't under the poaching remit. I'm very well aware and converse with the law, I spent months researching. And
  7. I don't know what you guys do for a living, but just shy of £300 a night is good in my book. And how does topping up their beer fund negate the fact it's illeagal and causes distress. Me coming into your house and taking your TV and jewelry would top up my beer fund, doesn't make me acceptable or a tolerated loverble rouge one presumed you painting poachers as. Iv seen cases in Cornwall where 200 sheep have been taken. The cost of blackheaded dorper coming in at around £400 for good blood lines. Now I know this doesn't come under the poaching remit but a example of the bigger picture.
  8. Night vision is certainly a great step forward. Books like "Danny The Champion of the World" would have read a lot different hey. I also use thermal imaging now too, which really brings a new depth to things.
  9. Granted the poachers of past were to feed their family. But like any crime it pulls in people trying to make huge amounts of money, and with big money means big intent. Iv seen reports of gangs of men working together. No doubt linked to other rural crime. Paulus. Technology is merely a aid, infact tracking a person doing wrong isn't too hard regardless of the local knowledge. Simply because when your doing wrong your nature changes, your habits change. It's a science. Again I'm not going to go into the process were going to employ but it's not as simple as turning up and sitting aro
  10. It's a Docter. Only put it on this morning. Haven't tried it in the field yet mate. Iv got a 6x 42 Docter on my HMR and it's bloody good. But looking at a S&B for my .223
  11. With out going too far into it, I'm heading up a UK based team working on counter poaching. Iv worked in South Sudan, Kenya. And Zimbabwe through my career doing counter poaching or tracking. Mainly converting rebel groups into "reserve wardens" the fee they get for their knowledge of the ground out weighs their need then to become a rebel. It works. Now back to England, the team will comprise of only top line ex military with Recce or similar experience with Jungle Tracking experience. We will be able to provide consultancy and more versatile counter poaching activities with a reacti
  12. Good lad, the S&B cost £350 it was a no brainer. A close buddy was clearing out his collection of scopes
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