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  1. hily

    Wanted Mk1 collar

    Have you sorted a collar yet
  2. hily

    .410 hushpower thoughts

    I bought a baikal 410 single shot to use around the sheds used to use an air rifle until they changed the law in Scotland . I can take crows rabbits rats pigeons on the move but does take a bit of field craft to get within range . Even with an echo from the farm buildings the fourlongs don't create much of a disturbance to the stock in the sheds. My pal uses a Mossberg 3 shot 410 and it does sound a bit noisier .
  3. hily

    dont call your kid adolf

    worked with a lad called Harry pig he hated it so he changed it to William. Also new a lad who's surname was Fox his parents called him Bolton. BOTH TRUE. Think these eejits jailed for right wing thoughts not deeds .
  4. hily

    Land owner permission

    I think It's the duty of the land owner / farmer to control the rabbit population but the keeper may have asked the land owner to kerb any disturbance until after the shooting season maybe you should offer to ferret the rabbits then in FEB.
  5. hily

    Syndicate rules

    Have you paid your subs. turn up on the day Was this rule explained when you joined if not turn up on the day Get in touch with the other syndicate members and take a poll on how many work days each have done.If some have worked the same or less turn up. And when you do turn up don't take your gun out until something is sorted if you are told to sling your hook then demand your money back and stir the excrement . Much better to clear the air face to face with other interested parties close by.
  6. hily

    Hi-Lift jack

    View Advert Hi-Lift jack Genuine Hi-Lift jack model 485 48" plus Land Rover Defender adapter collection only £65. Advertiser hily Date 26/09/18 Price £65.00 Category Vehicles and ATV's  
  7. hily

    Hi-Lift jack


    • FOR SALE
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    Genuine Hi-Lift jack model 485 48" plus Land Rover Defender adapter collection only £65.


  8. hily

    Farage is back

    could be a problem employing large animal vets cos lets face it the money to be made for vets is in the small animal treatment side of things. I worked with many vets who came from Europe during the foot and mouth outbreak and the majority came to get some experience of working with large animals but most said they would be going into the small animal practices to make a good living. One more point how many times have you gone to the vets and had the same vet treat your animals in my case its nearly always a new face I even changed to a smaller practice to try and get some continuity when dealing with them.So not saying this situation is not true but is it all to do with Brexit like most of us I have my own thought on these claims maybe right or maybe wrong.
  9. hily

    Bird Puller

    first season for us to try it out always used spiced pellets in the pen feeders so toping up feeders with wheat laced with the puller to ween them of the pellets maybe just the smell that could attract them don't know but having a go to see what happens..
  10. hily

    How do they pass their test

    Never been an accident but seen thousands
  11. hily

    How do they pass their test

    This old fart would like to point out that any speed limit is the maximum not the minimum speed you drive to driving within the limit also what speed the conditions dictate. Just to add it costs a young driver more for the insurance than an older driver that in itself speaks volumes.
  12. hily


    NOT HERD MUCH FROM THE GLOBAL WARMING LOT this hot weather gives them a good opportunity to discus the doom of the planet in the media but I must have missed it. . they did predict warm but wet summers last time I checked
  13. hily

    We need some rain

    Well farmer joked with me yesterday . I see you've got your birds champion it will rain soon He's right forecast for rain and some heavy bursts by tues bet its just over my release pens. HAPPY DAYS.
  14. hily

    Permission North East

    For the last few years I have had to travel up to the Scottish borders and further to have any sort of decent days with the ferrets but seen a few young bunnies around lately so they maybe coming back .As often advised on this forum its better to ask farmers by knocking on doors but do it after the harvest as they will be to busy .Or have a look at fields with horses and see if they have rabbits cos the horsey folk don't like bunnies tripping up dobbin .Good luck in what ever you try.
  15. At five months it is still to young for formal training most pups will chase anything at that age. Try to use the situation as a positive when the pup stops chasing give it a recall whistle and praise it for returning shouting at it when its in top gear is a waste of time and it will teach it to ignore your voice.