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  1. hily

    How do they pass their test

    Never been an accident but seen thousands
  2. hily

    How do they pass their test

    This old fart would like to point out that any speed limit is the maximum not the minimum speed you drive to driving within the limit also what speed the conditions dictate. Just to add it costs a young driver more for the insurance than an older driver that in itself speaks volumes.
  3. hily


    NOT HERD MUCH FROM THE GLOBAL WARMING LOT this hot weather gives them a good opportunity to discus the doom of the planet in the media but I must have missed it. . they did predict warm but wet summers last time I checked
  4. hily

    We need some rain

    Well farmer joked with me yesterday . I see you've got your birds champion it will rain soon He's right forecast for rain and some heavy bursts by tues bet its just over my release pens. HAPPY DAYS.
  5. hily

    Permission North East

    For the last few years I have had to travel up to the Scottish borders and further to have any sort of decent days with the ferrets but seen a few young bunnies around lately so they maybe coming back .As often advised on this forum its better to ask farmers by knocking on doors but do it after the harvest as they will be to busy .Or have a look at fields with horses and see if they have rabbits cos the horsey folk don't like bunnies tripping up dobbin .Good luck in what ever you try.
  6. At five months it is still to young for formal training most pups will chase anything at that age. Try to use the situation as a positive when the pup stops chasing give it a recall whistle and praise it for returning shouting at it when its in top gear is a waste of time and it will teach it to ignore your voice.
  7. Bit late now but all workshops I had built had skylights. The corrugated type had a full width panelled with clear sheets. and the apex roofs had the square sky lights every 3mtrs both sides .
  8. hily

    New MOT rules !!

    I have said this before as many dodgy people presenting motors for MOT's as dodgy testers.
  9. hily

    New MOT rules !!

    Had a testing station for many years could only ADVISE on defects. I failed a motor on tyres. Just before the customer came to collect his car we had a visit from the inspectorate he looked thru my paperwork and had me retest the failed motor and came up with the same results .So he waited for the owner to turn up so he could stop him driving his car away He very nearly got a fat lip of the owner when he tried to stop him .Can see this getting out of hand never criticise somebodies car , driving or dog.
  10. hily

    Manual tyre remover

    used manual changer for years when an apprentice the boss was tight and did not buy an air powered one until he had to. Don't know what this one your after looks like but I do know you will have to have a concrete area to bolt it down for tyre fitting and bead breaking.
  11. hily

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    IF you live in coldstream will you by your booze in cornhill or has this scots government found away to trade across the border maybe they should give some tips to the brexit folk on sorting out Irelands borders
  12. hily

    Neo-Prohibition? (1st May in Scotland)

    will they have to raise the benefits alkies get ?
  13. hily

    Overseas aid ?

    Would say most of its BRIBERY and the rest is for jobs for the boys who end up on the comities that spend the money.
  14. hily

    Cheating b*****d

    don't follow any sport but just the same phrases pop up all the time when someone is challenged.I have done nothing wrong and broke no rules MP come top of my list. Can anyone add to the phrase list or excuses often aired.
  15. hily


    Hi Tim down Morpeth way about 50miles from you.