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  1. Shovel leaner I would not have a keepers job for love nor money to much like hard work with plenty of pressure and many unpaid hours .But running a little shoot for a syndicate has its rewards.
  2. Up at 5am sort me and the dogs out drive an hour and a half to the shoot check all pens change elect fence battery and test wires. Pick up dead birds( mostly killed by our friendly resident hooky beaks) and dump them in a stink pit ( to temped Charlie to visit) . top up feeders with pellets transfer water from well to storage tank and then to drinkers. Repair a few holes in the netting .sort out the quad as it packed in while taken repaired hoppers back to one of the drives . Something to eat then crop protection time with the 410 on woodies and jackdaws. Had to check one of the duck ponds up on the moor so hunted the young dog up to the pond good news flushed a few rabbits a hare and two packs of grouse bad news pond was dry. Back home for 7.30.pm Looking forward October .
  3. hily

    creating division

    My original post boils down to why do 70 celebrities think they have more clout with the gov than 120.000 odd folk who signed a gov approved route to make contact with Westminster.
  4. 70 celebs of colour demand the gov set up a enquiry and report the finding to the public on why more people of colour are loosing the fight against the lurgy than white people are. I signed a petition along with 12300 thousand others for the report into grooming gangs to be made available to the public but havn't seen much in the M.S.M. about this issue. I am sure the gov has stated a few time in the past that they are monitoring the ongoing situation of the deaths in the BEM population during this pandemic and yet these 70 good folk have to jump on a bandwagon to point out how they are badly done to by this Gov.
  5. Good looking bitch .Never seen a tri colour .Will calm down in about ten years time.
  6. could be the bloke who gets paid to replace bus stop shelter glass. Just saying.
  7. I keep my dogs outside in kennels even when I had only one in the house she had her own space inn the porch. I see no advantage in keeping a working dog indoors .
  8. Not gone thru all this post but if no one has mentioned STILL GAME its worth a look (some southerners might not get it )
  9. the syndicate is a pheasant shoot.To keep it in house so to speak I offered the stalking to our members .
  10. I don't have the experience to look after novice guns and I also live 60 miles away from the ground. Not just target shooting when you have to stalk into your target then prep and inspect the deer for the larder so a learning trip out. Are you a genuine whanna be stalker if you don't want pay for a stalk.
  11. I don't stalk but have shooting rights for land we use for a syndicate shoot .The farmer doesn't mind deer on the place but now and again he wants a few taken off. We have a few lads who want to stalk 2 are novices and 1 is very experienced I will not let the novices out on the place by themselves so the experienced man offered to take them out if they paid £40 towards his expenses mostly diesel as he would have a 120 mile round trip to the permission . He would larder the deer and sell it to his game dealer and the money would be given to the shoot funds or the shooter could buy the deer at dealer price, again monies go into syndicate fund. The response from the novices stalkers was that they thought it was to dear .So is forty quid to expensive to be mentored stalking roe deer (buck or doe) . The deal with the experienced stalker was you come and take dear at you expense then larder the meat and pay the shoot game dealer price.
  12. Hope you have a good season Bell. Most of the lads travel over an hour to get to our ground it takes me an hour and a half but its worth it.
  13. Thanks for taken time to view and reply Phil I must try and take some pics won't be as good as yours that's a nice looking cocker Bell up in the borders.
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