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  1. hily


    watched a bit on GMTV this morning about culling elephants in S.A. the man being grilled by Mr morgan gave a very honest account of the situation in S.A. as he sore it .MR morgan resorted to question the character of the man he was interviewing as he had no real argument to come back at him.Mr Morgan then moved on to the next interview with his pal who he had hung out with in LA this being MR M Tyson who's character is beyond reproach
  2. hily


    One of the last comments our guide at Auschwitz made was we have to remember Starlin killed far more people than Hitler did.
  3. hily


    I visited AUSTWICH this year you have to see this place for yourself go in person then make your mind up. Krakow had a vibrant jewish community before the w11 not many left after the war and to this day it never recovered .
  4. hily


    Running the tyres at the recommended pressure but wanted to know if bf goodyears needed a bit extra pressure.
  5. Hilux with Goodrich a/t tyres run on hand book recommended pressure .the tyres look soft and after a run on tarmac give of a rubber smell what pressure do you run your Hilux on. Cheers.
  6. I for one wish screaming lord such was still with us cos his lot would get my vote .The raving loony party. I will never not vote.But tory or lab are off my list.
  7. hily

    walk/stand _ rough shoot

    If anyone is interested I will be showing a few lads around on Sat 16th you are welcome to join us.
  8. hily

    Can’t do right for doing wrong

    Said this before at 5 years old the teacher gave me a book of pictures of black kids take this home and get your mam or dad to buy them the money will go to help these poor African kids that was 60 years ago nowts changed.
  9. hily

    Vermin Day

    good for you mate a real pal to your friends hope they stood you a pint or two
  10. hily

    isis bint

    As a matter of fact I was 14 cos my birthday is in AUGUST . What age dose a girl become and adult in the world of ISIS.
  11. hily

    isis bint

    She was only fifteen .At fifteen when I left school as many thousands of my generation did I put on pair of overalls and became a wage earner and a tax payer an adult mindset . .
  12. hily

    up in the hills

    Cracking pics .Plenty of fresh air and not a wind farm in site(NOT YET.)
  13. hily

    walk/stand _ rough shoot

    we release 400 poults to wood
  14. New members with dogs wanted for our syndicate in the SCOTTISH BORDES. PM ME FOR DETAILS
  15. hily

    Wanted Mk1 collar

    Have you sorted a collar yet