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  1. could be the bloke who gets paid to replace bus stop shelter glass. Just saying.
  2. I keep my dogs outside in kennels even when I had only one in the house she had her own space inn the porch. I see no advantage in keeping a working dog indoors .
  3. Not gone thru all this post but if no one has mentioned STILL GAME its worth a look (some southerners might not get it )
  4. the syndicate is a pheasant shoot.To keep it in house so to speak I offered the stalking to our members .
  5. I don't have the experience to look after novice guns and I also live 60 miles away from the ground. Not just target shooting when you have to stalk into your target then prep and inspect the deer for the larder so a learning trip out. Are you a genuine whanna be stalker if you don't want pay for a stalk.
  6. I don't stalk but have shooting rights for land we use for a syndicate shoot .The farmer doesn't mind deer on the place but now and again he wants a few taken off. We have a few lads who want to stalk 2 are novices and 1 is very experienced I will not let the novices out on the place by themselves so the experienced man offered to take them out if they paid £40 towards his expenses mostly diesel as he would have a 120 mile round trip to the permission . He would larder the deer and sell it to his game dealer and the money would be given to the shoot funds or the shooter could buy the deer at dealer price, again monies go into syndicate fund. The response from the novices stalkers was that they thought it was to dear .So is forty quid to expensive to be mentored stalking roe deer (buck or doe) . The deal with the experienced stalker was you come and take dear at you expense then larder the meat and pay the shoot game dealer price.
  7. Hope you have a good season Bell. Most of the lads travel over an hour to get to our ground it takes me an hour and a half but its worth it.
  8. Thanks for taken time to view and reply Phil I must try and take some pics won't be as good as yours that's a nice looking cocker Bell up in the borders.
  9. I help to run a walk and stand syndicate we have twelve guns that's two teams of six So when four lads could not make it on Sat I tried to fill the vacancies but no one took up the offer. Saturdays shoot with only 4 guns in the line and 4 beaters seamed as if it wasn't going to be a very good day and it was bloody raining on the first drive .My team was to beat on the first drive thru a wood of falling trees and heavy bracken cover we pushed thru with two lads with dogs in the wood and one flanking either side with one walking gun. We flushed at least a half dozen pheasants and about ten woodcock. Next drive was what we call our high drive this is a wood on a hill that we drive the birds uphill and when the flush they fly back across the guns who are in a valley we see plenty of birds pheasants and red legs and the rain stops . After elevenses my team beat again but first the guns blank in a wood to walk birds over to the wood we are to beat as we don't have enough bodies to act as stops we loss some of the birds but not to worry as most of them go into the next drive. Anyway we have seven drives my young dog gets to flush a few birds and retrieves a pheasant a partridge and her first woodcock. At the end of the day we have a dozen pheasants seven partridge three wood cock and two woodies. Plus we were dry .Ended up a good day after all
  10. We have three vacancies on our shoot in the Scottish borders this SAT2nd NOV. (you must provide proof of insurance) Kick off at 9.30 for 6 to 8 drives depending on time. provide your own lunch pheasants partridge perhaps woodcock. average bag of 22 last season. Dogs welcome. for more info please pm Dave a.t.b. £40 PER GUN paid at the end of the day.
  11. We have them open from day one in our main pen .300 T0 400 BIRDS . our logic is as we have a number of buzzards on the place and as we are unable to place a top net on the pen we give the birds a better chance of dodging the raptors and becoming streetwise plus we need them to get used to moving into other woods on the place . We do keep small pens closed with top nets 20 / 30 birds until end Sep using these birds as callers to keep others from straying to far onto the moor seems to have worked for us over the last 16 years . Of course your situation may be very different to ours .
  12. Don't know what pressure he was under he didn't live on the estate as reported . The estate has cut down Henlaw wood . Think he will get a custodial sentence. Can't see him changing his mindset so will he ever be employed as a gamey again hope not.
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