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  1. Window cleaner Mr Bit.
  3. We have a vacancy on our little shoot on the 6th nov .its a walk and stand in the Duns area cost is £35 .for any more info please message me.
  4. hily

    MP stabbed

    BBC reporting on a bomb in afgan and letting us know about how joe cox's family are feeling .
  5. Thanks for posting something different and great photos showing the ground you hunt. Do you have to get permission to hunt this land ?.
  6. Bought some CCI 22 segmented 710 FPS very quiet and only had one ricochet from one box fired . zeroed in ok and use them on grey tree rats . Bough cos I didn't want to buy an air rifle and as rabbits are few and far between on my permissions the sako was doing nowt. cheers.
  7. Want to go back to diamond grid and toggle type feeder the spring feeders are always clogging up (wheat can have a bit to much rubbish in it ) or letting to much thru.Problem is I don't know the mesh size to use think it might be 6mm or less. Anyone know the size
  8. If England becomes a war torn and even a hell hole. I hope I would have the balls to stay and try to save my country and my family not jump ship and leave my home and family behind .I,AM sorry pesky but that excuse is wearing thin with me .
  9. WHY has this women who has a platform on the M.S.M. and in government not been campaigning for the victims of grooming gangs. No mention of curfew for men of this colour or religion. Could be these victims are not women just children.
  10. Some folk just look a gift horse in the mouth.
  11. that's what a smart meter is for taxation not savings
  12. Hello I have a MK3 set for £110 and a grey knocker box 8ft set for £75 plus postage or collect from Northumberland. Giving up ferreting .
  13. Traveling around my area of the north east and the Scottish borders I've noticed that pheasant road kills are way down on other years .could it be that fewer birds are being released. Or have keepers found away to teach road sense Or even managed to talk the buggers out of commiting harry carry. Just a thought.
  14. Shovel leaner I would not have a keepers job for love nor money to much like hard work with plenty of pressure and many unpaid hours .But running a little shoot for a syndicate has its rewards.
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