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  1. Mothers my old bitch 1st Cross beagle Russell father similar but with bit of spaniel in him.
  2. Cracking little pup pics dnt do it justice pal
  3. She's OK pal still very puppyish and just in season but she's doing OK
  4. I've not pal, only a couple on my phone will try get some in nxt day or so.
  5. Young bitch for next season, my first digging terrier normally just have small hound types and a lurcher. Hopefully she does the job.
  6. Young dog I bred myself going ok pal, Lurcher has done well really happy with her. Young bitch off you is just starting to go, nose never leaves floor won't be long before penny drops with her.
  7. few pics of my young bitch about 19/20 month, turning into a handy little bitch. How's everyone else's young uns doing ?
  8. My youngsters all learning there trade
  9. View Advert Bull lurcher pups 3 dog pups left out of litter of 13, ready to leave nxt Wednesday. Sire saluki,bull,grey Dam 5/8grey 3/8 Bull £150 located leigh/Astley area. Advertising for a mate so pm for number if interested. Advertiser martinhalli Date 27/10/18 Price £150.00 Category Working Lurchers  
  10. Cheers pal. Only 17 month but doing ok.
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