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  1. Am I able to change my name? Night worker makes me sound like a male prostitute!
  2. It's parsley sauce...and here comes the but....the water they use to make it is the stuff left over from boiling the eels, so technically eel juice and parsley. What's not to like? Pie and mash is nice enough if you're a heathen like me and opt for gravy instead of liquor. What's not to like????? The bleedin eel juice that's what! Wrong wrong wrong bleeeaauuugh!
  3. That looks fooking discusting!
  4. Do it online it's so much easier
  5. 7 years would have been worth it!
  6. I wanted to sit around all day watching TV and supping coffee! I achieved my goal!
  7. day worker


    Im thankful it wasnt me cos it was a pretty shit way to go! Makes me appreciate what Ive got now and worry less about the small things!
  8. day worker


    I'm not religious in the slightest but it really does make me wonder why? I always did my overtime but that day I just didn't want to!
  9. day worker


    Several years ago I booked myself in for a nights overtime but last minute cancelled because I just didn't fancy it. Anyway next morning I received a phone call telling me that 2 of our trucks had been involved in an accident resulting in 2 deaths and one serious injury. One of these lorries would have been me had I not cancelled. One of the drivers birthday has just passed and again I can't help but feel guilt which is stupid I know. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  10. He knew the rules and the consequences so it's his own damn fault.....f**k him!
  11. But at least you're not bitter. Ha ha no not at all!
  12. Split with my ex 8 years ago and it's honestly the best thing that ever happened to me! I don't speak to her anymore and I wish her nothing but Ill! In fact (and no joke) I would very much like her to drop dead!
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