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  1. I have owned an 08 plate manual in the same colour since 2013. I had her remapped and EGR delete codes applied which have made her drive so much better and noticeably improved the mpg. The current mileage is 186k and I really love the car, but she has cost me an absolute fortune to maintain and repair over the years. Interestingly I looked at 66 plate D4 in September 2019, and they are now more money than then!
  2. I would not have any vaccine against this virus until several million others have had it for a year or two first.
  3. Lid


    What laptop have you got and do you know the spec?
  4. View Advert Ifor Williams HB510 horse trailer - Hertfordshire Ifor Williams HB510 horse trailer 2008 model in burgundy with aluminium floor and white/silver style interior. Suitable for two horses up to 17.2 hh. Excellent condition. Good tyres with plenty of tread remaining. Electrics and lights all working correctly. Owned for last 5 years and only covered a very low mileage during that time, due to personal illness. Supplied with two additional full width bars, which allow this trailer to be used without the partition, if required. These cost ar
  5. View Advert Duplicate ad, please delete Duplicate ad, please delete. Advertiser Lid Date 13/11/18 Price Category Vehicles and ATV's  
  6. The obvious problem here, imo, is that people do not associate goats and rams as needing to be shot. Goats and sheep are considered a domesticated animals, so naturally it is going to be confusing for the non shooting, non farming public to understand why some-one would shoot them with a rifle. Instead they would assume they could be rounded up and slaughtered without anyone really knowing it had happened.
  7. Not impressed: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/i-locked-myself-in-car-as-westminster-bridge-attacker-struck-says-met-chief-a3956456.html
  8. I agree, that's why I said 'until the end of their lives'. Sentencing needs to match the crime and life should mean life!
  9. Although it is extremely useful, DNA evidence does not necessarily give certainty. It is just a aid to determining guilt and can be misinterpreted, contaminated and abused. There have already been a number of miscarriages of justice based on DNA evidence. http://www.thejusticegap.com/2017/01/misuse-dna-evidence-led-miscarriages-justice/
  10. They can still be removed to prison until the end of their lives. Yes there is a cost, but this is something comes with any 'civilised' society.
  11. In my opinion, no government in the world should have the ability to administer capital punishment for two very simple reasons. Firstly mistakes are made, and so a small number innocent people will be executed. Secondly it allows corrupt officials to falsely convict and execute anyone they feel like. However I do agree that we should start sentencing those found guilty of all crimes appropriately.
  12. I don't want to say who he it is yet, as I am checking a few things with him about the incident and when it happened. However I don't believe he and his company are withholding anything as they are simply not covering Tommy and the protest at all. They are not a daily newspaper, they are an independent news platform and only cover selected items, as they do not have the resources to cover everything.
  13. At first i was very annoyed at the way Tommy appeared to have been reported, but when I looked into I can see that he knew very well that he would be arrested and jailed by reporting where and how he did on 25 May. I was still annoyed about it though, so contacted a friend who runs an independent news agency in London where I unfortunately learnt that Tommy had previously not only threatened him, but also his family. My opinion on Tommy is now reduced, although people can change, but I am still not happy about the coverage of recent events by the media and the handling of the protests by
  14. A liquidation auction that may be of interest to some : http://www.johnpye.co.uk/project/public-auction-fmj-gun/
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