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  1. I don't want to say who he it is yet, as I am checking a few things with him about the incident and when it happened. However I don't believe he and his company are withholding anything as they are simply not covering Tommy and the protest at all. They are not a daily newspaper, they are an independent news platform and only cover selected items, as they do not have the resources to cover everything.
  2. At first i was very annoyed at the way Tommy appeared to have been reported, but when I looked into I can see that he knew very well that he would be arrested and jailed by reporting where and how he did on 25 May. I was still annoyed about it though, so contacted a friend who runs an independent news agency in London where I unfortunately learnt that Tommy had previously not only threatened him, but also his family. My opinion on Tommy is now reduced, although people can change, but I am still not happy about the coverage of recent events by the media and the handling of the protests by the police. I like to see an unbiased news report regarding the demonstrations too!
  3. A liquidation auction that may be of interest to some : http://www.johnpye.co.uk/project/public-auction-fmj-gun/
  4. Lid

    Who can hear it

    It's silent for me.
  5. Lid

    Mink diving on a small fish

    That's great . I really like it.
  6. From what I have read a number of the larger shoots hold large numbers of birds back to release later in the season. If these are still on antibiotics, then they are not fit to eat until they have got it out their systems. I doubt anyone checks which shot birds were released when though.
  7. Lid

    Shooting Vertically...

    If you shoot vertically, the projectile could land on you or someone/something nearby. Without air resistance, the laws of physics say it will land at the same speed. However even with air resistance, I reckon the terminal velocity of a catapult ammo is high enough to hurt or cause damage!
  8. Lid


    Robots and spiders = guests.
  9. Lid

    Vote Tory To Deliver Brexit

    It would be better to just to mark the ballot paper incorrectly as our voting system is not secret. Your electoral roll number is recorded against the numbered counterfoil of your numbered voting slip. I questioned this the first time I ever voted and I have questioned it several times since. The official response is that it is a secret ballot, the numbers are to prevent electoral fraud and the counterfoils can only be matched with the voting slips by a court order. Pah!
  10. Lid

    Horses And Cattle

    Speak to them!
  11. Lid

    Labour Sinking To New Lows

    What load of tosh - anyone with half a brain can see that is a highly offensive comment, regardless to whether it could be some kind of attempt to play on words.
  12. Lid


    Large live shrimp on the float, just off the kelp.
  13. Lid

    What Next!!!!!!!

    BVA info : https://www.bva.co.uk/uploadedFiles/Content/News,_campaigns_and_policies/Campaigns/welfare-at-slaughter-june-2015-final3.pdf https://www.bva.co.uk/News-campaigns-and-policy/Newsroom/News-releases/BVA-calls-on-Government-to-end-non-stun-slaughter-on-day-of-Parliamentary-debate/
  14. Lid

    Suicide Question ......

    I know several people who have been saved from otherwise what have been a successful suicide and all but one regretted it and went on with their lives afterwards. I also know a few people who made somewhat half-hearted attempts too, as a cry for help.
  15. Lid

    Shotgun Licence

    In short yes, but it is likely to depend on what they have been convicted for. You could speak to your local firearms officer informally first maybe.