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  1. This litter was a greyhound sire but it was the wrong way really imo your better off with a gh bitch, I think the key is the foxhound has to be a lighter type, the heavier English foxhound crosses I’ve seen look a little heavy for me.
  2. Very well mate and to you as well
  3. That dog isn’t but here is a picture of the litter sister to my current lurchers grandsire, an F1 fellhound x greyhound from about 20 years ago.
  4. Exactly pal that’s why working dogs as a general rule of thumb are healthy breeds, compared to the latest traits these so called judges like to see on the peds that are not actually good for the animal itself!
  5. Just flicked over and see a terrier category! what a shameful bunch of specimens they were, the JRT was shocking....but mores the Pity of the alleged judges casting there eye talking about the nice movement in the Scottie that went to the final??? Us working dog men might get stick or frowned upon by the non working fraternity or looked down on by some of these twats, but our Heinz 57, bitza, mongrols are worth 10 if most of these monstrosity’s on there
  6. Old Thomas is still going strong pal
  7. Can Anyone do Northern Ireland to Liverpool for reasonable money?
  8. Possibly Looking for transpiration from NI to Liverpool? Anyone know of someone
  9. Size does help in my opinion, obviously rabbits are short sharp sprinters so a dog must be able to match the quarry by being nimble or having abit of wit about them , there are always exceptions to a rule but I would say in lamping terms a dog capable of many fast and shorter runs with a good solid retrieve. Day time rabbit dogs need the nose and attention span more so than others.
  10. I hope you have many more years working dogs! What a joy it is to see a running dog in full stride
  11. Seen a few pics of these pups they look really good, its not often I see a litter like this, they don't look fazed at all.
  12. Depends on the situation/terrain and making the most of the moment to tip it in your favour! Its all about distortion to help the dog along so you do both when the time is right.
  13. http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-106704.html there is a litter here buddy.
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