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  1. Cannyboy

    Beddy whippet grey

    Never had this x before ..pick up my pup in couple weeks bedd x whippet x bedd x greyhound..both parents good genuine workers mum even retrieves to peg on organised shoots last season putting some labs to shame lol...so fingers crossed
  2. Cannyboy

    Guard dogs

    Caucasian natural area protection/guard dog..not so much p/p unless you just dont want anyone near you full stop...
  3. Cannyboy

    Guard dogs

    Caucasian shepherd ..best natural gaurd dog in the world in my opinion..
  4. Cannyboy


    Do u still.make catapults mate
  5. Any numbers for dog transport sensible money from Ireland to southern England
  6. Cannyboy

    Let’s see your Pups

    My boys pup lucus x candy 6 months
  7. Cannyboy

    Witch stud dog to use

    Milo very Good dog full brother to the bear out of romeo
  8. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

    The yeti ...tuco x nancy
  9. Thanks mate he's a decent dog on all types of land..
  10. the ground shaker...Jamie x megan Jamie x Megan
  11. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

  12. Cannyboy

    Tuco X Nancy Pup

  13. Cannyboy

    Striker And Whippet

    Looks cracking little dog