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  1. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

    The yeti ...tuco x nancy
  2. Thanks mate he's a decent dog on all types of land..
  3. the ground shaker...Jamie x megan Jamie x Megan
  4. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

  5. Cannyboy

    Tuco X Nancy Pup

  6. Cannyboy

    Striker And Whippet

    Looks cracking little dog
  7. Cannyboy

    Collie Greyhound

    Nothing a 1/2 x can do that the 3/4 cant but there's a few things the 3/4 can do the 1/2 can't work wise in my opinion
  8. Cannyboy

    7 Healthy Pups

    How are pups bred mate
  9. Cannyboy

    Ferreting Available Chichester West Sussex

    Hi if for any reason the permission doesn't get used me and my son will gladly go instead we are very local living in chichester...many thanks cannyboy
  10. Cannyboy

    Nigel Is Back

  11. Cannyboy

    Using Cubs For Training

    So the anti so called animal lovers watched fox cubs being taken into a barn then waited til night fall to enter the barn and video 2 fox cubs in a large cage with bedding and then without letting them free just left them there in a barn full of hounds to whatever fate awaited them in the hope to get a good video to support the anti bandwagon...what sort of animal lovers are they because if all this is true they are no better choosing to leave the cubs there just hoping to get a video of the hunt doing wrong....don't add up to Me...
  12. Cannyboy

    Ferrets Wanted..

    Looking for young ferrets from working stock in Hampshire Sussex area.