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  1. Cannyboy

    Guard dogs

    Caucasian natural area protection/guard dog..not so much p/p unless you just dont want anyone near you full stop...
  2. Cannyboy

    Guard dogs

    Caucasian shepherd ..best natural gaurd dog in the world in my opinion..
  3. Cannyboy


    Do u still.make catapults mate
  4. Any numbers for dog transport sensible money from Ireland to southern England
  5. Cannyboy

    Let’s see your Pups

    My boys pup lucus x candy 6 months
  6. Cannyboy

    Witch stud dog to use

    Milo very Good dog full brother to the bear out of romeo
  7. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

    The yeti ...tuco x nancy
  8. Thanks mate he's a decent dog on all types of land..
  9. the ground shaker...Jamie x megan Jamie x Megan
  10. Cannyboy

    Me Boys Woolys

  11. Cannyboy

    Tuco X Nancy Pup

  12. Cannyboy

    Striker And Whippet

    Looks cracking little dog
  13. Cannyboy

    Collie Greyhound

    Nothing a 1/2 x can do that the 3/4 cant but there's a few things the 3/4 can do the 1/2 can't work wise in my opinion