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  1. SeanEdgo

    New pup

    Thought I'd post an update on the pup. He's coming up to 9 months now. He's gonna be a lot bigger than I first thought, he's 24tts at the minute! Lovely pup well chuffed with him, had a couple of bunny's in the day on his walks. Gonna start him slow on the lamp in a couple of months
  2. SeanEdgo

    Plr 500

    I've recently bought one of these. I'm really impressed. Although the filter is a real faff to get on and off quickly. Ive been thinking off modding it with some kind of flip up filter like the old lazerlite. Anyone else modded theirs? Cheers
  3. Sounds electronic to me, how long does it run for each time? Unlikely to be low pressure, boiler would go to lockout.
  4. SeanEdgo

    New pup

    Anyone based in Sussex thats into the lurcher game? See loads of pets about but not many that look worked. Cheers
  5. SeanEdgo

    New pup

    I'm thinking around 22tts but who knows. He's just under 17tts at 14 weeks. Only interested in rabbits, lamping and mooching about. On the fence whether to get a couple of ferrets.
  6. SeanEdgo

    New pup

    Been out of the game for a few years since my bitch had to be PTS. Picked this little fella up 5 weeks ago. He's beddy/whippet/grey x whippet.
  7. SeanEdgo

    Shakey puppy syndrome

    Yeah good on ya for sticking with them
  8. SeanEdgo

    Falcon FN19

    Sorry forgot to add, scope is a Nikko-Sterling 3-9x42 Thanks.
  9. SeanEdgo

    Falcon FN19

    Falcon FN19 .22 Single Shot for sale. Good rifle which gives + shots on a full charge Comes with Weihrauch silencer fitted along with sling. Nice lightweight rifle in good condition I am based in East Sussex I want £300 for it 07557503387 - Sean Thanks P.S it comes with a fleece lined case.
  10. SeanEdgo

    free to collector

    Hi mate PM sent
  11. SeanEdgo

    Having a clear out !

    Hi everyone, got a few things i dont need anymore. First thing is a lure machine. it has a petrol engine so no need for batteries or electrical supply. The engine is a Honda G200 5hp model, this starts first time, everytime and runs as sweet as a nut. Its quite rare to find a petrol model, i haven't come across another before. It has a clutch mechanism which gives variable speed and allows the engine to run without the reel turning. £250. Next is a Parker Hale SR-40 spotting scope. Nice bit of kit. 10x - 40x zoom. Rangefinder up to 500ft+. Never really used this much as i am more into working dogs than shooting so I am not really too knowledgeable on these. I will answer any questions as best i can. NOW SOLD. Last of all I have got a SOG Revolver, these are a real quality knife as most enthusiasts will know. Its a normal knife and a wood saw all-in-one. To be honest i bought this a couple of years ago but never really used it. I have never used the saw blade at all so this is like new, the knife edge i will sharpen if required. both blades are 5" in length. This cost £79.99 new. I want £40 but i am open to sensible offers. Any questions either post on here or give me a call on 07545954842. The last two items can be posted if you are willing to pay P&P. Pick-up is prefered. I am located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Thanks Sean.
  12. SeanEdgo


    hats off to you pal. chin up mate
  13. SeanEdgo

    New pup

    Fecking gutted for ya pal. I would be in bits if one of mine had to go like that! Chin up mate
  14. SeanEdgo

    roach back

    is it me or do most bull crosses have a very flat back end?? just wondered if it was the cross or just me?? cheers