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  1. I bought a pup from a lad near Derby earlier this year.coursing names don't mean much to me but apparently the sire was sold for 8500.i took a chance cos the bitch was limping but shes come good now.my bitch is now around 6 months old.she is a flying machine .game as they come and I couldn't be happier with her.i was just wondering if anyone knows of this litter and has any litter mates.i would like to see them.cant find the old ad with all the names but it was in the cmw early sept.i know its a long shot but worth a try. if I can work out how to get a pic from my iphone onto here ill stick one up.
  2. ive always found the pup picks the owner!!. and have no idea how ive just underlined everything?
  3. its been happening since the dawn of dogs.whatever we use our dogs for we select the best for purpose.its why hare coursing ended up saluki saturated foxing bull saturated and so on.horses for coarses.you wouldn't compete on the fens seriously with a first cross collie greyhound.but you may run the odd long ear for the fun of it.people who enjoy the lure coursing are obviously going to want to do well at it. you cant tar them all with the same brush.yes I guess some of them haven't a clue about dogs health.but I also bet some of them excel in this.can you say the world of working dogs is full of people who want nothing but the best for there dog.i know a lot of you treat your dogs like royalty.but as for others?????. maybe the shows should hold separate coursing events for lurchers ie sight hound x working breed and pure sight hound.although this could get a bit confusing. each to there own I say.
  4. sounds nice.just gotta wait a bit longer as im currently in australia.but now i have finished work here i will be home shortly.and looking. just out of interest what other forums could i look at?.
  5. I've not got an issue with racing dogs. . . . But there are a lot of folk, who take speciallly bred raced dogs, or even un tatooed greys, and run them at the game fairs and terrier and lurcher shows. . . . It's like a premier league football team doing a tour of the sunday leagues, because they will win a load of trophys. . . I see what your sayin.
  6. handsome.sound a great cross.all the best with them.
  7. that's harsh.hope he has better luck with the pup.
  8. personaly if the lad just wants to go and watch his dog run with like minded people I don't see the harm in it.each to there own.seems a lot of people are fast to put down another mans sport yet were needing more people to support ours????.my money is on these lure coursing dogs are pretty well cared for and have a great life. reckon a whippet grey would suit you mate.good luck with whatever you choose
  9. happy bunch there mate.fair play to you.
  10. my original question was a health issue.i have no doubt in my ability to bring two dogs on.but the band wagon rolls on.i am no newbee to handeling dogs.how my dogs turn out is not what I wanted to know.but cheers anyway editing to say sorry for the rant I just read my original post and didn't word it how I should of. my point was is there a health issue with bringing in 2 pups from different litters.?.
  11. was wondering about the health side of things to be honest.?
  12. can anyone see a problem with getting two pups at the same time from different litters.thinkng of getting a lurcher and a whippet?.
  13. thanks for the offer Andy c .i used to have a hw35k.just for messing about with cos back then i also had a rimmy.the 35 was a 22 and i never really got on with it.it may be the reason im a bit dubious of getting another springer but also i dont think i can be doing with regassing all the time.so im thinking about a 177 97k.i dont target shoot.just bunnys magpies rats etc.
  14. thanks for the replys.i was leaning towards a spring gun to save the hassle of refilling all the time.but don't want to compromise on accuracy
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