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  1. Its like when we used to catch the coal thieves from Grimethorpe Colliery (the one the film Brassed Off was featured) it was all play acting. Like a soap opera. We'd go through the motions then drop them off at home, tip the stolen coal into some random old folk's coal bunker and then if they went not out in court we'd have to recover the evidence. One sack of coal looked pretty much like another. They'd order a suit from the wife's catalogue for the court appearance then send it back the next day. After the court case we'd tip another couple of sacks of coal into a random old folk's coal bun
  2. You're not telling me that two missed fish even nearly made up for the loss of your car, contents and the resultant fine. Let alone your tarnished reputation.
  3. I came across a few OAP shoplifters. There was no doubt as to the intent when cctv was examined. One had been suspected for weeks so they filmed him every time he came in to the shop. Then when the store detective caught him he played the confused geriatric card. So the store manager played the 8 previous visits recorded on cctv card. And just to top it off he'd got a gross indecency offence that he hadn't declared to his wife of forty years. Whooops!
  4. A Judge is only interested in the pure interpretation of law. Personalities and what is right and wrong don't come into it. That is what the Jury is there for.
  5. Low-value shoplifting remains an offence which is triable either-way in the following circumstances: an adult defendant must be given the opportunity to elect Crown Court trial, including where the aggregate value of the offence(s) is below £200. If the defendant so elects, the case will be ‘sent’ to the Crown Court for trial (section 22A(2) MCA 1980); an adult defendant is charged with one or more shoplifting offences where the aggregate value of goods stolen exceeds £200 – see Candlish v DPP [2022] EWHC 842 (Admin) and R v Harvey [2020] EWCA Crim 354. In that event, the Court w
  6. In real life you can. Depends on whether there are previous convictions, i.e. professional thief, number of other offences taken into account, triviality of demanding a Crown hearing, etc.....
  7. I found Magistrates to be either utterly naive or rabid Nazis. If you appeal a guilty verdict in the Magistrate's it goes up to Crown Court.
  8. It is every defendant's right to be tried by jury. Shoplifting usually gets heard at Magistrates, but can be referred to the Top Shop. The chances of being found not guilty by jury in some cases is lower than the Magistrate's (if you ever meet a Magistrate you will see why). But the penalties dished out by Judges will be much more severe if found guilty.
  9. I've been up before a jury several times. Total waste of a lot of people's time and the tax payer's money. It does give an insight into what is wrong with the criminal justice system.
  10. I put in a good word for you
  11. Finally got chance to use the boat again. The predators weren't playing, but I had taken an Avon rod, centrepin and some sweetcorn so I had some sport with the chub and carassin carp
  12. Never mind them either. What about slumberland getting turned over by the Blades? No wonder Max's left peg has gone quiet.
  13. When I got measured up for a protective vest, in those you had to choose between knife proof or bullet proof, they didn't do vests that protected from both. So when Don, the gay Italian tailor who used to take your inside leg measurement even if you only wanted a new tie, asked what type I wanted, I aked him if he could make me one that was bullet proof at the front for when I was facing armed robbers and knife proof at the back for when I was facing senior officers.
  14. That place in China where the UK sends al its non recyclable rubbish to will be visible from space as a sea of red. Zoom in closer and there will be white number 7's all over it.
  15. I'm sure you can't reach round that far.
  16. I'll bet no one has seen you two in the same room together.
  17. That is a fair summary. There are reports of a bust up in the dressing room before the last game. That might have been because of, or lead to Ten Haag's somewhat unusual team selection. It is all right ETH making the players run the missing kilometres on their day off, but Brentford exploited his tactical changes, as had Brighton. He has to take some of the blame. Regards Ronnie. For me he should be let go. But at a price. He can't just expect to walk out of a contract free of charge. The club will lose £millions in sponsorship and shirt sales for one thing. He's going to either tak
  18. I'd like to see Jonnysdust v NOODLES. It would be like shadow boxing.
  19. They tried to take Martinez back to the shop claiming that they had bought the wrong sized central defender by mistake. Despite them still having the receipt the seller declined to take him back. But they have offered them a step ladder for when he defends corners.
  20. This happened in the police well over 20 years ago. White ex-squaddies made up a large percentage of recruits and many of them mzde good coppers. Then they stopped recruiting on a basis of capability and started filling quotas. All of a sudden we were getting lazy Asians, many of whom were subsequently sacked for corruption and imprkper use of police information. But they kept on recruiting them! Then they decided to overturn the 6:1 male: female ratio as quickly as possible meaning that even more suitable white males did not make it through the selection process. Now they haven't enough
  21. Barca need €17m to pay de Jong what they owe him so they can sell him. Their accountants are more creative than Walt Disney! i read that Man Utd are showing interest in the Brighton DM Caicedo now. Give them another week and their scouts will be at Wigan
  22. What the French call tadpoles aren't wels. They are a small south american species that don't grow much over 6 inches. At this time of year you can see shoals of them in the shallows of lakes. They look like large black tadpoles and pack tightly together in a shoal so sometimes they get mistaken for one large fish. That makes them easier to net out. The wels fry are usually well guarded by the male until they disperse from the nest. They aren't usually seen until they get to gudgeon size and by then they are the same shape and colour as adults.
  23. They aren't putting away the chances though There is talk of them bidding for Auba and even rumours of Ronaldo although that is unlikely.
  24. There are hundreds of catfish species. In our region there is a big problem with a small south american catfish that has populated hundreds of rivers and lakes. If you are bait fishing for roach or bream sometimes all you can catch are these damned nuisances. They are about 4 inches long with a gob like Cherie Blair and just as spikey. You have to handle them in order to kill them. Some of the wels catfish that are in UK waters were deliberately and illegally released after being brought over from France and Spain. They take over the river system, cleaning out the barbel populations. The
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