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  1. Mole trapping and my arthritis ahh i feel like i should have been knighted by now as im always on one knee. Im still waiting for my MBE for molecatching lol
  2. Sorry for delay bud i been busy and not on here, I would be cautious with any powders wettable or not. I have personal experience of cats dying with ficam D a Cat died on a job from some pesty dusting a brick vent and being messy with it. The cat rubbed itself up and down the wall and ingested it whilst cleaning itself. I took over the contract because of his negligence and the cats death. I would always be carefull because them cats are funny things due to there rubbing and cleaning/grooming habits. Best to assess where cats are present and the risk of them contacting with any kind of insecticide because some owners love there cats more than there husbands and kids lol. Atb
  3. If it was not for Micky i doubt this part of the forums would have much content. Thanks for sharing all your pictures and comments.
  4. Dr5 is a great tool but it can get messy when things go wrong lol
  5. Bendiocarb (Ficam) is most definitely bad for killing Cats along with Permethrin, Some pestys think Permethrin is a safer alternative but its not the case. Cats are very sensitive to both. Now that Ficam cant be used in ground nests ect it will probably reduce poisonings from Ficam but now we might hear more from Permethrin based dusts.
  6. I use to get that numb and tingly feeling from a product called muscatrol which is permethrin oil based liquid,its sold under the deadline brand nowadays. I don't get it from bendiocarb stuff and they say the human body gets rid of it quite quick. You will Probably notice the reaction with wasp later in the season on larger nest with permethrin sometimes they react real bad, It acts like it burns the wax layer off there cuticle. If a insect is going to avoid a insecticide its probably going to be permethrin based due to its agitating properties. In my opinion your probably going to risk a call back more (if at all) with permethrin due to it being fast acting where as bendiocarb is slower acting and will reduce insect avoidance. Hope this years as good as last. Atb
  7. They look well made and a nice clean dispatch, I think that's whats know as a suitcase catch. The DOC is strong but quite expensive once you work in the cost of the box time and effort. Nice set though and i'm sure it will be well used and do you a good service.
  8. I don't think Deker said to permanently bait BUT TO KEEP BAITS TOPPED UP (meaning avoid sub lethal dosing with Bromadiolone). And he did say ...if you can buy it(i presume he meant if you have a licence) Also Katchum did ask for a idiots guide LOL HA HA. If the farm next door is baiting to little affect i do doubt that blocks will be any good i can see the risk of bait being moved so don't bag baits, but grain bait is the way in my opinion, yes they shift it but normally to where the other rats are and thus combating bait shy rats. Scary thought of secondary poisoning but brodifacoum is the daddy. you can get blocks and grain but generally as Deker said it cannot be purchased by joe bloggs at any sensible strength. I have seen Brodifacoum on sale to genral public(No licence) at some stores half strength. I personally have not heard of resistance with Brodifacoum 'YET' and its single feed unlike Bromadiolone which needs several feeds. Risk assessment as Trappa seems to be saying about is very important but i think Deker knows that as he started his post with ???????? ?????? i think he just commented to one of the lads. Always follow the label and the law.
  9. It creates more agitation to the insects treated so wasps will probably be more aggressive and swarm around more. My main concern treating ground and low wall nests with permethrin dust is cats and poisoning of them.
  10. No problem to do such crosses but the dogs must be top quality and condition otherwise your just adding to the rubbish pile. don't be selfish if your bitch is mediocre don't breed rubbish and unless the dog is mustard don't let it mount the bitch. IMO your dogs must be truly exceptional to breed and never breed your bitch unless your prepared to lose some of her ability. some bitches never run the same again after breeding. recovery sometimes is limited.
  11. Ferrets in bags/slips are for pro's only lol, Clumsy coffee drinking rabbit diggers are better off sticking to there boxes lol. As for falling on a ferret in a bag i would rather land on my head!I have never harmed a bagged ferret. Boxes are good for transporting to the hunting ground in motorcar or on really long days,but give a bag a go on those nice little outings. Boxes harm ferrets more than bags do and thats a truth i have learnt, How many of you have caught the ferrets foot closing a box? Bagging ferrets is a skill in itself cos they love the game of peek a boo! Boxed ferrets can be noisy and scratch a lot, also big wired vent holes tempt more scratching. Bags are light and ferrets settle down quick and are quiet. ferrets don't tend to shit in bags either. A ferret in a bag is warm for you and itself on those cold winter mornings. Boxes and bags are both useful, I have mentioned the above points just so you don't rule out bags or slips. Bags/slips can be made from old jumper arm sleeves,old pillow cases,cloth bank bags,old handbags,large socks or thick tights ect ect. I only put two ferret's per bag/slip for comfort of the wee beasts. obviously the bag needs to be something breathable! no plastic bags,mmm did i really need to say that? lol. These are just some of my opinions Anyway i'm going to have a midnight coffee now and hope i don't spill it or burn myself drinking it! All the best to you all.
  12. Looking forward to getting some of the new mk4 traps they are suppose to be available in a matter of weeks if all goes well. Oh and they wont be called FENN MAGNUM just FENN MK4 with a 'S' stamped on the plate.
  13. you been seeing wood blewits jok they got different coloured caps mate. woody are more blue and purple, field blewits tend to be brown or sometimes grey capped. taste good though either way. just cook em well if you aint ate em before
  14. They don't require warfare on humans to be this humane! killing murderous predators is getting rather awkward and pricey.
  15. Make sure you have a very secure pen and never underestimate pig power,Don't trust em too much they got one hell of a bite Saddlebacks are very nice pigs and very tasty they make a great cross with large whites ect. My friend had gloucster and i think they are a good pig with nice tasty fat,they also seemed quite easy to keep. You could do your own kill and butchering but in all honesty its not for the novice, scalding the pig is a art on its own especially with a hairy muddy pig. Before slaughter put em in a nice clean straw pen so they can tidy themselves up and feel good,but don't feed them before slaughter. If your rearing through winter make sure they can escape the cold frost and snow and keep themselves warm,Pigs will lie in piles on top of each other to keep snug and warm. Most of all have fun
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