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  1. 20 odd years ago we did some jobs in liverpool for the big R but im unsure if they are still there. They were pretty rare back in the 90s and were limited to a few areas. Goodluck in your Quest
  2. If you just wanna see them try these guys as they have them in a pen for pest control training, I saw them when i did the new rodenticide licence training. Pelgar Pest Managment consultants Church Farm Cl, North Waltham, Basingstoke RG25 2BN tel : 01256 391300 Give them a quick call see if they still have them. The brown rat pen is quit interesting too. All the best
  3. The problem Chaff is the stored honey and residue that will attract new bees. Most old established colonies like the one stated will require the chimney stack to be stripped back and cleaned before a blocking gauze/mesh is fitted under the pot and correct pointing and sealing of the stack is done. Lighting a fire to smoke them out of a disused old stack may risk causing a chimney fire due to honey being flammable. Remember the stack is probably not used and the fireplace is probably long gone and not even there to light the fire anyway.
  4. Thats the problem at the moment there seems to be more walkers and bike riders everywhere makes things a bit difficult on places with footpaths, its like a bank holiday in some areas. dirksdonuts seems to do alright with the pigeon maybe see if you can add a bit of visual attraction with one of them swingin around. trouble with offal and baits this time of year is the damn flies. Anyway hope you get some results and sort your problem
  5. Cats can often make a external rodent problem a internal one, Over the years i have had many jobs due to cats bringing mice and young rats into the house alive and thus letting them escape!
  6. Keeping yourself occupied is good if your stuck in Maybe worth giving it a thick coat of paint to help water resistance and to stop that ply breaking apart over time.
  7. You will be lucky to cage trap the fox around a free range rural situation. Snaring is a much better option as it can take quite a while to coax a rural fox into a cage this time of year due to the abundance of food elsewhere. When you walk around the farm you will smell where the fox has been and if you stick some decent snares about on these run throughs and walkways you will have better chance imo. Always try to locate the den if the ground permits and deal with the cubs too,these can be snared around the den quite easily,or you can sit back and pick them off as they emerge with
  8. Nature can be cruel! I would set some wires for the cubs too if the ground and range permitted. I suspect its a livestock protection situation so its a probably a necessary evil. Unfortunately young offspring do suffer sometimes in nature when the parent is killed whether by a human or the fox itself. Its a emotive subject.
  9. Welcome back on the forum, This site now seems a shadow of its former self but hopefully you and others will return to make it great again. I dont get many rabbits down my way anymore because the disease has killed em all off. Conservation status red lol. So I enjoy seeing lads getting out on em. I just watched an old vhs video with yourself and Snareman LEARNING THE GAME just yesterday! And here you are posting again. Hope you stick around and find time to post up some stuff
  10. Mole trapping and my arthritis ahh i feel like i should have been knighted by now as im always on one knee. Im still waiting for my MBE for molecatching lol
  11. Sorry for delay bud i been busy and not on here, I would be cautious with any powders wettable or not. I have personal experience of cats dying with ficam D a Cat died on a job from some pesty dusting a brick vent and being messy with it. The cat rubbed itself up and down the wall and ingested it whilst cleaning itself. I took over the contract because of his negligence and the cats death. I would always be carefull because them cats are funny things due to there rubbing and cleaning/grooming habits. Best to assess where cats are present and the risk of them contacting with any kind
  12. If it was not for Micky i doubt this part of the forums would have much content. Thanks for sharing all your pictures and comments.
  13. Dr5 is a great tool but it can get messy when things go wrong lol
  14. Bendiocarb (Ficam) is most definitely bad for killing Cats along with Permethrin, Some pestys think Permethrin is a safer alternative but its not the case. Cats are very sensitive to both. Now that Ficam cant be used in ground nests ect it will probably reduce poisonings from Ficam but now we might hear more from Permethrin based dusts.
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