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  1. No problem to do such crosses but the dogs must be top quality and condition otherwise your just adding to the rubbish pile. don't be selfish if your bitch is mediocre don't breed rubbish and unless the dog is mustard don't let it mount the bitch. IMO your dogs must be truly exceptional to breed and never breed your bitch unless your prepared to lose some of her ability. some bitches never run the same again after breeding. recovery sometimes is limited.
  2. unclepesta

    Hessian bags compared to carry box

    Ferrets in bags/slips are for pro's only lol, Clumsy coffee drinking rabbit diggers are better off sticking to there boxes lol. As for falling on a ferret in a bag i would rather land on my head!I have never harmed a bagged ferret. Boxes are good for transporting to the hunting ground in motorcar or on really long days,but give a bag a go on those nice little outings. Boxes harm ferrets more than bags do and thats a truth i have learnt, How many of you have caught the ferrets foot closing a box? Bagging ferrets is a skill in itself cos they love the game of peek a boo! Boxed ferrets can be noisy and scratch a lot, also big wired vent holes tempt more scratching. Bags are light and ferrets settle down quick and are quiet. ferrets don't tend to shit in bags either. A ferret in a bag is warm for you and itself on those cold winter mornings. Boxes and bags are both useful, I have mentioned the above points just so you don't rule out bags or slips. Bags/slips can be made from old jumper arm sleeves,old pillow cases,cloth bank bags,old handbags,large socks or thick tights ect ect. I only put two ferret's per bag/slip for comfort of the wee beasts. obviously the bag needs to be something breathable! no plastic bags,mmm did i really need to say that? lol. These are just some of my opinions Anyway i'm going to have a midnight coffee now and hope i don't spill it or burn myself drinking it! All the best to you all.
  3. unclepesta

    Mark 2 Fenn Pic

    Looking forward to getting some of the new mk4 traps they are suppose to be available in a matter of weeks if all goes well. Oh and they wont be called FENN MAGNUM just FENN MK4 with a 'S' stamped on the plate.
  4. unclepesta


    you been seeing wood blewits jok they got different coloured caps mate. woody are more blue and purple, field blewits tend to be brown or sometimes grey capped. taste good though either way. just cook em well if you aint ate em before
  5. unclepesta

    Is This The New Stoat Trap?

    They don't require warfare on humans to be this humane! killing murderous predators is getting rather awkward and pricey.
  6. unclepesta


    Make sure you have a very secure pen and never underestimate pig power,Don't trust em too much they got one hell of a bite Saddlebacks are very nice pigs and very tasty they make a great cross with large whites ect. My friend had gloucster and i think they are a good pig with nice tasty fat,they also seemed quite easy to keep. You could do your own kill and butchering but in all honesty its not for the novice, scalding the pig is a art on its own especially with a hairy muddy pig. Before slaughter put em in a nice clean straw pen so they can tidy themselves up and feel good,but don't feed them before slaughter. If your rearing through winter make sure they can escape the cold frost and snow and keep themselves warm,Pigs will lie in piles on top of each other to keep snug and warm. Most of all have fun
  7. unclepesta

    Something For The Weekend, Sir?

    Phil its sounds like your thoughtful wife is probably the best catch you ever made congratulations sir
  8. unclepesta


    Around the bags of dog food i doubt it as most of the pound shop stuff is gonna be much less palatable. Quality of bait is important as you want em to eat it well and not get a sub lethal dose. I would store dog food sacks secure, galvinised feed bin for example and keep it clean before starting with poison
  9. unclepesta

    Something For The Weekend, Sir?

    Here's one, at the bottom of this page http://pest-contol-papers.boards.net/board/14/young-sons-misterton Lots of other good stuff if you have a flick through. Thanks Eddie these catalogues show the wire standards (TEALERS) being commercially made. Although they were new creations to some in late 40's these catalogues show the wire standards incorporating brass wire as to act as swivvel being commercially sold around that time, it even states the twist in some catalogues,They were already in use way down south around suspected time of there creation in scotland in 1949 . very interesting looking at the various stuff in these catalogues. Thanks again Eddie
  10. European hornet? what one lol i know of a fair few subspecies to have been classified. wasp or hornet will soon livley things up lol, i sh*t myself t'other night when old queenie buzzed in early hours,and she was on her own.she soon perked me up i never killed her but she must have got burnt on the light before i put her out on doorstep cos next morning i found her dead where i left her. Its amazing how small things can make a grown man pack up and move out thanks for posting sussex imo its the best post up for a while on this section as its got a bit dull.thanks for sharing
  11. unclepesta

    Something For The Weekend, Sir?

    Nice one Eddie :DDo you know if there are there any pre war catalogues in existence?
  12. unclepesta

    Baiting Rats

    Non targets like kids electricians plumbers, Oh yeh that customer that always likes to nose about behind your work. Those traps jump and bite lol keep it caged or at least under decent cover. Its a genral requirement for good reason
  13. unclepesta

    Putanges The Sequel On Youtube

    what region of france is clive?
  14. unclepesta

    Putanges The Sequel On Youtube

    fortunately the trap outlasts most licensed poisons to come out on the market, there is a demand for poison free solutions. poisoning and chemicals may not have a future in this environment friendly world, just a maybe. so far the mole trap is free of all the issues and restrictions of poisons. if trap testing of mole traps happens then it might be goodbye to tongs/putanges.
  15. unclepesta

    Nearly Three Out Of Three

    stick out some fox wires too