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  1. Would prefer alloys but steel will do. Buckled one of mine so need it replacing but will buy full set if needed
  2. Brilliant !!! Love the first one of the 2 foxes
  3. First of all to Big Napper, went above and beyond to pick my daughter 2 kitts up from up near Durham. The second to Fellman Mark. 2 perfect little jills for my daughter this is what makes this forum so good........the members
  4. more shots from weigh in our kid with part of his catch looking pleased with himself
  5. my view of the other lads Our kid in his chair
  6. the view of my pellet wag wag to the island and my margin swim had 135lb in total part of the weigh in. Had to do 5 weighs to get the total. My brother had 76lb and my mate had 77lb
  7. my bag my mate Andy's bag my brothers bag. Fished at Brafferton and I hadn’t been for ages. They both wanted to chuck £10 each in to a mini match so I agreed and duly took their money lol. Bloody freezing cold though
  8. Last time we went mate it was overcast until the sun burnt it off and then red hot all day.
  9. They’re brilliant guns mate. Is it an early one or later
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