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  1. Looks a nice pup be interesting to see how it’s built when older wether it throws the mali size or saluki frame , atb
  2. Never seen a bearded collie cross run what do you lads that have had them think is wrong with them cheers
  3. Oh okay still , Very nice stamp on her mate
  4. Tidy young bitch that , pm me mate
  5. I’ve had lurchers and different crosses mate just curious to see what the lads who have had them think , and you rarely see them about the real genuine 3/4 bred ones and your telling me mate seen someone selling some salukicolliegrey pups for 1200
  6. Hard to find them atm the 3/4 grey crosses atm , should be a nice strong but racey dog mate
  7. Don’t have one mate just looking into what people think they like , would imagine they be good rabbit dogs
  8. Anyone running a 3/4grey 1/4 collie or other similar crosses and what are ya opinions on them lads.
  9. 100% [BANNED TEXT] , very few people need that kind of stamina in them anymore
  10. Yeah mate what we need especially local plenty pace and not wanting to course them into the ground
  11. Cheers mate al try find out what he wants for stud fee for it
  12. Who’s got this max dog like lads and how much is he a stud
  13. Cheers boys, got a lamping bitch there want to add some stamina but keep speed too as land not too big my way , heard a lot of good stuff about Hoover’s stuff lamping too as well as coursing
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