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  1. Also where I am now iv never seen land like this fields are like 200 acre fields never seen that only when travelling up and down country in work or a holiday lol
  2. No bud badger problems hate them them ways but some land you would get to the top of one of them maybe 14 fields nice fields never seen so many hares in my life ! Real good ground most of if it my butty took on the farms now but il still lamp there when I’m up and about there like ?
  3. I havent asked where I live now I go after 12 and i make sure I’m never leaving gates and never have dogs that would destroy there stock! so wouldn’t know you was. Although I do agree with what you guys said as I used to have 3000 acres in west Wales ! one guy I know used to work on the farm I met him in the city one day weird but he kept his promise and took me to one farm from there. I used to be able to go from one farm to the next they all knew each other ! used to say hiya on mr Thomas farm tonight wondering if we could have a look round on the land no problem Bois carry on so
  4. Hi lads just moved to this area don’t know any Bois look but if anyone wanna meet up mooch with the dogs breakfast gamefairs when back around any of you lads wanna get in touch pm me Atb Jez
  5. Yeah I understand that ! It’s definitely a fair comment but I have a good few lads that would vouch for me if needed I’m definitely not one of them types but yeah understand bud ?
  6. not asking for post code bud to there house by saying Leeds Liverpool Devon Bristol Swansea ain’t going to help me with there lamping spots lol just wondering if it was close by me atb
  7. https://www.(!64.56:886/Sighthound-leather-UK-116130350233115/
  8. Bud that where you are south is it cause I come back a fair bit have loads of permission land between cross hands to fish guard Kidwelly be good if you are there could get them out for a night
  9. Nice keep posting pics of him up on here bud what ever dog I own bud I’m on there case for 12 months the obedience on them when there a year is second to none bud ?
  10. Bud not sure blue rough coated bitch sire big black dog
  11. Thanks mate ? I got her north Wales bud don’t know if it’s the same ones mate to be Honest yeah I liked the mix ! I think they are 1/4 bull 1/4 beddy half grey should be nice racey strong dog still a all rounders !! iv never had beddy in a dog but she is very different to my over bull x dog this dog has it all in her naturally lots of spirit strikes at snake toy I drag along shakes me terrier when there playing likes she on one of them lol ? atb jez
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