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  1. That's a work of art! What kind of money can one expect to spend for something of that spec?
  2. Are take it if you can post to surrey?
  3. I have two Raider 2 shots and think there brilliant, so accurate! Brilliant work bigmac that will make a good rifle?
  4. I had a similar problem last week and finally got the fecker, what a good feeling! Top shooting, good man! ?
  5. That's my question answered then. Just asked if it was Yew on your rabbit post. Absolutely stunning frame mate fair play ?
  6. Cracking shot there Mr Wilkes, love the frame, is that Yew? ?
  7. That looks the bollocks socks! Very nice all rounder ?
  8. 177 would have been better ?
  9. Nice looking frame that Lee, get some bands on it and get it out working. Will make a good little pot filler ?
  10. Nicely done Greyman, good to see someone shooting a natural ?
  11. Thanks Mr Wilkes, Ive been stocking up the freezer with pigeon this week , with the current situation in the world may come in handy. Rightly said tho, could do with a bit of cover ?
  12. Cheers George, I like a good pigeon kebab myself ?
  13. Looking good Greyman, I do like me a good natural ?
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