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  1. That's a work of art! What kind of money can one expect to spend for something of that spec?
  2. Are take it if you can post to surrey?
  3. I have two Raider 2 shots and think there brilliant, so accurate! Brilliant work bigmac that will make a good rifle
  4. I had a similar problem last week and finally got the fecker, what a good feeling! Top shooting, good man!
  5. That's my question answered then. Just asked if it was Yew on your rabbit post. Absolutely stunning frame mate fair play
  6. Cracking shot there Mr Wilkes, love the frame, is that Yew?
  7. That looks the bollocks socks! Very nice all rounder
  8. Nice looking frame that Lee, get some bands on it and get it out working. Will make a good little pot filler
  9. Nicely done Greyman, good to see someone shooting a natural
  10. Thanks Mr Wilkes, Ive been stocking up the freezer with pigeon this week , with the current situation in the world may come in handy. Rightly said tho, could do with a bit of cover
  11. Cheers George, I like a good pigeon kebab myself
  12. Looking good Greyman, I do like me a good natural
  13. That looks like the start of the makings of a pie to me Nice shooting again Mr Wilkes !
  14. Cracking looking frame that I've got one very similar. Love using the old gypsy tabs , seems to take the shock out of the frame with the snap of the bands
  15. Check out ( catty shack ) on you tube. Wayne Martin made a video on shooting upwards
  16. Hi scentchaser, I've hunted and killed with both tapered and straight bands. I believe im correct in saying that tapered accelerate quicker but I found that straight cut lasted longer. The only real advice I can give you is practice, practice, practice and when you think you've got it practice some more
  17. Out in the truck for a quick look around this afternoon and couldn't resist taking one for the pot. Clean head shot out the window at about 40ft off a post and rail fence. Certainly didn't see it coming
  18. I like that alot socks That looks like a very handy tool.
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