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  1. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTYzNTc1MzM2.html Thought this was pretty good
  2. People will still buy them. fools and money are easy parted most the normal clueles people I no when looking for a pet for ther girlfriend or wife . buy from the dearest advert they can find thinking that you get what you pay for fancy names in breeding a bit of paper and a slick sales pitch of the breeder and ther chuffed to bits
  3. http://m.liveleak.com/view?i=0ff_1409677502.
  4. Drop it and don't run off and eat it lol
  5. Are they for sale when the footplates are on
  6. No foot plates will kill your boots fast apart from that look like good tools sure you can weld some on
  7. Respect gNash good to see peeps looking after the old boys ;-)
  8. I feed mine mince meat from supermarket u can get it close to goin past the sellby date so it's cheep,, dry biscuits and table scraps they loved it always had a black shiney coat never liked the look of feeding tripe to my pups or dogs as it stinks of Shit and genraly looks dirty ,,, Salford black dog I've got a address for a mam not to far from you who got a chicken factory nocks boxes up for the dogs cheep
  9. Nearly 6 month now will give him a try end of this season what's so nearly here and took so long to come then hold of for next :-)
  10. Proberly a culled poster on the wind up lol it was obviously a joke anyone who can't see that is a simpleton
  11. Selfish cnut leavin his famlie to deal with that
  12. Fuk mate gutted for you hope you get em back
  13. ChrOnes is manageable pal My mate has it chrOnes and ulcers he got he gets medication for the crones mesasalin the tablets are called he dosent watch his diet and eats dairy products all day long it dosent affect his life atall just pains evrynow n then if he stuck to a proper diet he whuld be sweet but he won't listen and puts up with the pain
  14. Was it the Canna chopper looking for grows ? Google it see if that was it can't put the pic on
  15. All that trash talk of furys is to sell tickets and build himself up for big fights that's the aim of the game is it not, he's in it for the money as he clearly says... he's actualy a pretty honest down to earth guy [bANNED TEXT] asked serious questions i wish him well and hope he gets a title but at this moment in time I think wilder will beat him I hope not but I think he will
  16. It's a typo on behalf of the paper that plumber dose 400 rats a hour its a world beater and will take your bedlington to the cleaners Infact after a hour out with that plumber your bedlington be sat on the side with its tounge hangin out beggin to be put back in the van. :-):-)
  17. I think it's good that a type of terrier work is being promoted in a positive way by mainstream media
  18. Lol pip defendin the peados why he register as a barbados citizen?? Why was he a member at elm house kittys his peado name peado or no peado he new what was going down to the children that's as bad as bein a peado hope they find a way of bringing him to book and make him suffer the dirty old nonce
  19. I watched a sick interview with David icke and alex Jones last night I try find it and put a link up no holds barred David icke guy dosent give a feck u gota take your hat off to him he's been labled as a nutter for all these years but dosent care speaks about were his resherch takes him started off with a hand full of followers now he fills stadiums around the world gotta be some truth in it
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