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    Writing, hot sauce addict, rugby, golf, music (mostly metal) travel, retro videogames, chilihead, drinking.
  1. Frann

    Euros 2016

    Im another rugby guy who is clueless about football but I recognise teamwork when I see it. Also this is a good feel good story for all Brits, better than the other crrap going on in the world. Nice to open the papers and read good news for once
  2. Frann

    Eu Counting Under Way.

    Im back on this historic day!
  3. Frann

    R B S Six Nations.

    top stuff, thought theyd never get through that defence of ours.
  4. Frann

    R B S Six Nations.

    Come on bois!
  5. Frann

    Leaving The Eu

    Churchill said: "We have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not combined. We are interested and associated but not absorbed. If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea"
  6. Frann

    R B S Six Nations.

    Wales, Ireland and England but always up for a upset (as long as its not Wales lol)
  7. Frann

    Well Ill Be! 140 Years.

    Should be 140 years each. Vile scum.
  8. Frann

    R B S Six Nations.

    This is a first. Tim Peake launches BBC coverage from space. Taking rugger to the aliens
  9. Frann

    R B S Six Nations.

    Between Wales and Ireland? https://t.co/1EGMWxqO3l
  10. Frann

    Big Frank

    I like big Frank but as Rusty said, better for him to get involved out of the ring.
  11. this should be fun lol https://t.co/1zXhcNIiF4
  12. Frann

    Migrants Putting Eu In Danger.......

    Michael Caine has just come out and say Britain should leave the EU
  13. Frann

    Elvis Presley

    I never 'got' Elvis. The Man in Black for me. Wasn't there some recording with Elvis, Cash and Hank Williams all sang on one track?
  14. Frann

    David Bowie Dies

    An artist who helped cement Britain's place as this planet's greatest ever musical powerhouse. Sad news.