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  1. David icke been sayin this about the rolyals and masons and how they nonce kids for years and he's been laughed at for it all seems to be coming out now though
  2. Decent that mate whuld a simple base like that do for a kennle block
  3. Lol birds @ home be blowin off more than 24 man in a weekded for bags of charlie nothing new ther and marshman doubt anyone be kissing her after all that cock in her mouth
  4. Obviously the lad who started the thread gives a f**k or he whuldent of started it whuld he,, if u got nowt good to say to him why bother saying anything atall if you don't give a f**k
  5. I Dident no that socks is ther a reason for it to do with ther teeth? or is it just due to ther head and ears growing at this time ?
  6. I think it's with them growing mate mine dose the same not to botherd about it me i imagien it will grow out in time
  7. Thanks voon another good post in laymans terms
  8. Toppers beddys look alright on the beddy thread
  9. Like your young ones mate how did they do this year did you start them very nice look solid
  10. In all fairness its a good topic this I've been serchin for the right clothin for some time nothing seems to stand up for me been threw 4 Paris of boots riped countless pants and coats Infact the only 2 bits of kit what haven't failed or needed replacing more than once is my barryvox and my dog must of spent 2500 on boots and clothes alone over the last few years
  11. Shorts and tshirt me get to sweaty in over trousers and coats digging in may June and July
  12. Mine is fit find stay and bay as much as possible
  13. Gte let the thread roll add something constructive for a change
  14. Thanks for replys boys just noticed thers a few more can't read them now just finished a real big drive and won't take it in properly gona sort my dogs and have a hour or 2 look forward to reading them later
  15. Irish nut this is not a real situation my freind totaly hypothetical a question threw out ther to raise some different opinions of different folk
  16. Nice advanced answer jeems whuld you use the same tecniuqe to get rid of a bad mouth? I was just thinking today about the pups futres while watching them play running different what iff senarios threw my head ime interested in the genetic side of things as I think it's a deffinate advantage to have a a bit of knoladge on it... as I don't really belive in the put the best to the best and hope for the best ied like to think thers a bit more to it than that
  17. And danw no is my answer to your question mate if it was unrelated worker to worker, if it was from a line of predictable workers I think you be unlucky to get 1 worker from 6 but that's a total guess from me as I not that far down the line yet just trying to pick the brains of guys with more experriance than myself ;-)
  18. Good answer hotmeat :-) if you was in the situation whuld you go for a Unrelated outcross or use the jacker what's litter brother and sisters were bang on apart from the un culled brother. Let's say these dogs are orphans no relations to hand to rule out the obvious answers
  19. I agree hot meat but you can not use a dead dog no matter how good it was ,,, so whuld you use a total out cross what might not gel or take your chance on a jacker from a predictable line what has the exact same blood as the good dog what is fertiliser,,, basicly what I am getting at is what's the difference if the blood is exactly the same
  20. What are your reasons marshman If the blood is exactly the same what whuld the good dog pass on what the jacker whuldent?
  21. So forest you whuld rather use a compleat stranger to your line rather than use a jacker of the same blood?
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