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  1. School, computers and calling people lol where do I start....my school had a filter on and before I discovered proxies I would put onto my mp3 player before iPods or usb sticks were popular "bbw ebony" fat black women and log in under admin when i set to desktop so everyone saw it. In regards to school calling people I had support teachers n the rest of it try work me out. Found it amusing n told em my dad touched me. Went to go home n was told I wasn't allowed. Home I went to wasn't bread n water like my mum said it'll be when she threatened social services. Had a games room with a pool table
  2. Lol same here exactly the same weird to me anyone can call any of em different
  3. What can they do better than other guard breeds? I know that by my way of thinking a lot of doga wouldn't be here but hey. I bet like most breeds that get popular each generation gets diluted n goes down hill.forget the dog looking like a junkie is the dog worthy of feeding after a junkie grabs your missus and the dogs there.
  4. A few of my dad's friends recently started having health problems, strokes and stuff. Woman he worked with never once took a day off sick in 30 years. Even her holiday leave she'd stay in the country never been abroad. Some days she'd even help out as she lived above the mortuary. Anyway finally the mortuary is shut down and she's going to retire. Got two huge houses mortgage free and her n her husband won't ever have too word about paying the bills or anything. Booked her first holiday to go Barbados, next day has a huge stroke. Still can't talk properly or move her arm and doesn't want to se
  5. Some newspaper did an article a few years ago on working girls in london,i cant remember the exact stats but i think the average girl working from a central london flat turned over roughly 75-100k,thats a lot of wonga. Soho its so open it might as well be legal? Its good money i suppose if you can get a few decent looking birds. The bottom end market with romanians are charging what, 60quid an hour? and loads of them and i imagine the types of blokes paying that aren't arsed about who the girl is long as its wet n warm. Get a few posh birds or to suit those with strange fetishes, charge 150
  6. Sounds like what they done in the wire where they made drugs legal in a certain part of the area. It is going to go on anyway and i aint got no problems with a woman wanting to accept cash for sex, we all pay one way or the other. Would probably feel bit different though if it was a junkie tbh i know addicts feel sorry for themselves enough and dont need me doing it. Just seems a lot of the junkies are the people in society that have had shit going on etc and think it'll be better to help them rather than letting them get shagged to get a fix.
  7. flicking through the channels earlier n because of this topic I put it on for abit. Was a bloke talking with a load of jewellery on, made you look at him n that's probably what he wanted. Watched an interview with hearn, not cause I like boxing or anything but I like money n he don't seem short of it lol. He spoke about how he made snooker a bit of a soap and gave the players personalities and characters, guess his applying the same to darts. Didn't know he was involved with darts but makes a bit of sense as to why they look how they do.
  8. Lol gnash I do get my leg over with decent looking fanny as well. Will be moved out September too, still local enough I can run my washing back once a week, lol soon be told to f**k off for that. Ill always feel a bit responsible for my sister though. I don't blame her for wanting to stay out nor trying a fag. Its no secret I've tried things, did post that photo of me with the worst gurn lol. Think at 15 she should be home earlier than 3am and least get a bit of a bollocking for smoking. Otherwise might as well say there's no rules. Anyway some of comments are probably right end of the day it
  9. Lol ya b*****ds winding me up. I think it ain't on a 15 year old girl coming in gone 12am and ain't happy about her smoking. I'd like to think that's normal but you never know in this day n age. Gonna have a word with her about smoking might fall on deaf ears but gotta try its my little sister.
  10. If my sister had tried smoking I'd tell her she's an idiot, staying out late I can't blame her she's a kid they rebel n take the piss. I just thought a parent would be a bit more strict, I probably am over protective on the other hand I don't think I am. Switching off and washing ya hands is easier said than done.
  11. Nooses telling its happening openly that's half my problem with it...
  12. I understand kids will try things, I did. I ain't arsed in terms of "oh my mum and was stricter with us". I don't think it's right for a 15 year old to be coming home early hours of the morning. Can't have your cake and eat it because if any sort of trouble happended with my sister my mum would expect the reaction and would get one. Hey maybe it is me being a protective older brother? I'm just curious who would allow their 15year old daughter to becoming in the next morning,smoking and whatever else. Sure kids will try and do things but surely should be enough fear or respect to bloody wel
  13. f**k me pete you'd fit in well in my house. We've been watching that on Netflix, more my dad but I walked in on it and caught my eye. Gonna start it from the beginning although just hearing the story so far my minds made up. Maybe the documentary will change my mind
  14. Your talking out your arse? I'm a fully grown man. Don't know if you read what I wrote, was asking if its just me or is the parenting bollocks. How many here are the same or would allow the same with their 15year old daughter. Am wondering am I right in my way or thinking or is my thinking alien and I'm going over the top as an older brother. Edited to add...I tell ya what and ain't one for being a keyboard warrior but go f**k your mum how about that.
  15. Know it ain't Jeremy Kyle but here we go...want your opinions on this and I won't be one sided... My sister is 15 and weekends shell say she's staying at her mates but end up coming home with her friends gone 12am. That to me is a problem but ain't even started yet...her friends will tell their parents they are staying at my house and be coming back 2/3 in the morning, my mums words are "make sure you all come home together". It's as if my mum wants to be more of a friend than a parent tbh. Anyway other night coming down stairs and I hear my sister n mum talking n hear my sister say about
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