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  1. I have some but your inbox is full. Message me. Liam
  2. Look at easy jet, Ryanair, blue air, etc. Have a look on Skyscanner is the easiest way to find cheap flights, just input where your going from and too and dates and it will give you the cheapest provider at that time. L
  3. I've enjoyed reading this thread thanks lads. Just to add please love for today, we live sensibly but love travelling so that's what we do. We don't want for much but both work hard. I work in health and it's a real leveller, when you have looked after people your age it makes you realise how we take life for granted. All the best guys, live your dreams whatever they may be.
  4. What does black powder offer over nitro to clay and game shooters?
  5. Yep rakeaboot on here specialises in micro and greyhound ferrets as well as angoras. Top fella drop him a pm.
  6. Can I recommend the Nikon pro staff they are superb optics clarity wise and excellent in low light. I wouldn't want anything else even if I had 10 times the budget. I'll put a link up.
  7. Have a look at amazon or eBay for rayovac batteries. Use a uk seller so you don't get some dodgy knock offs.
  8. I've only ever used hornady 17grain v max. These have been superb! I'd be inclined To try what you can get a good supply of locally. Liam
  9. Synthetic nickel is excellent and is a really accurate nice unit. Go light weight if you ever add an NV add on you will regret buying a heavy one!
  10. That's the kind of money I'm after, taking a huge loss on that. Over £1000 as it sits there with the cylinder
  11. Hi Chaps of late ive not really been using my Air arms s410k and just wondered if anyone had a rough idea of the value of it? It has a Geordie custom stock with adjustable but pad. Rowan engineering bolt knob, Anodised cylinder cap. Complete re-blue by Colin at MAG. Pictures are below: Also have a 300 bar 12 litre air cylinder that can go in to complete the package. Everything is in perfect condition. What do you think? Liam
  12. Tried messaging you but your inbox is full?
  13. O/u 1/4 and 1/2 choked with lylavale 36gram 3 shot steel.
  14. Eley do a pigeon load 30 gram 6's only about £170/1000. I've been using gamebore velocity 29gram 6's for over a year on pigeons and game and they were only just over £40 per slab.
  15. lksopener


    In my uni days I worked in a service station, it's illegal to fill an unregulated container. The attendant was right and fhey won't lose sleep over £500. To give you an idea the station I worked at turned over 1.5-1.8 million per week.
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