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    View Advert books need to sell my books lads running dog addiction / has small mark on bottom corner cover working whippet falconry and hawking phillip glasier 3rd edition of dogs and deer no 491 boxed n signed hare and swift hound signed no 139 work them hard treat them like heros damaged cover can see in pic book is fine working terrier year books 87-91 hard workers real terriers daniele piacentini offers on books no silly offers lads but getting rid of the lot or put them on ebay
  2. This would be handy cross if you done a lot on hills, Fells or moores. Good nose, strong, nice feet, can ran all day and cover some ground. Had lab X gwp years ago was surprised how fast was. It had some nose on it could cover some ground and flush deer.
  3. Thats hybrid vigour you can get a superman type machine that wont breed true again without breeding in and in. There is still good blood about but its getting rarer. I think it was just a freak of nature. Out all the lurcher to lurcher bull types I've seen since have never had same bite and could do same as that first X. Was bout 24 inch n quite racey too.
  4. every one always says lurcher to lurcher. There's a lad at my house breed first x bull grey from same bull twice. Bull been dead nearly 20 year now and was ancient when it lined greys. but was real McCoy 80s leggy racey type pure bull not shite going bout now size of doggie de boar and size of bulldog wide Was breed to greyhounds that was killing foxes. Out the two litters don't think there was any wastage in both litters. I don't know if it was just a freak of nature. But the first cross he kept from first litter was just a machine. Racey type first X that would munch n munch wi
  5. It's was tried I n my area over 20 year ago. I had a pup out litter but died when was about 6 months old. my dad got it far a mate when I was young teenager. As would be a nice wee bushing ferreter type mutt. Wouldn't be much use for nowt else. Nothing good Come out the litter. I don't see what putting a 12 inch yappy dog over a greyhound is going bring to a lucher.
  6. I've never owned one myself but a lot of my friends have. Everyone one I've seen has been daft,high strung and can't let of the lesh.
  7. Love a good auld sharp a nova been my choice of slug gun since was 13.
  8. Nice length and back to that pup nice strong
  9. Yeah Iv done both manager CPC and Driver CPC. To get your class 1 at minute and ready to drive you won't be far of 3 grand. Plus 3 weeks lost earning while training. The management course is ok if you come from a transport back ground I worked as supervisor for few years before going on course. There is a lot info to take in over a two week period if your going on it with no previous, trying to learn it from scratch would be difficult.
  10. The bull that was used for laddie. Produced some cracking first Xs Decent dogs
  11. Pye was one of those rarities that, when lines were tight, threw dogs both as good, if not better, in shape and attitude. i saw another pic of him fine looking animal Was it this one?pie.jpg Bunson, We're was that picture taken? Scotland? Pie was up here for season. Produced litter of decent dogs. Few decent generations of dogs came from pie.
  12. Does the same thing happen in each book as each series?
  13. Do you belive everything you see on the tv? Its hard to say th exact cause of the uprising. But I bet its to do with Oil. Either the oil prices are to high or there not paying there war debt and so they are getting taught a lesson from the west. Or someone is funding the uprising to fook the west over so they are wanting to drop bombs to keep the peace. Either way its a crook of shite where 1000s will die for nuffing
  14. It wouldnt suprise me if the uk and usa are funding the Militants to take over iraq. Cause someone is funding them and as per usual its all about the black gold.
  15. Themoocher


    I think Rooney should be dropped if hes not going get played in the no 9 or no10 role. Dont see the point in playing him out of postion when theres better lads that can play on the wing with more pace.
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