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  1. I think no one is happy paying for shooting pigeons but unfortunately sometimes is the only way. I'm struggling getting permission even now (live in Scotland), from overseas it is almost impossible. Sadly, don't know many like leslie here who offers to shoot on his perms....
  2. You have no idea of how much keen oversea shooters pay for pigeons. I'd say usually 120 -150 per (fully guided) day plus gun hire (20-30 per day).... it is a huge business... ah, and everything paid on arrival, no exeptions
  3. I had the misfortune to book with them a 3 days pigeon shooting break FROM OVERSEAS for a 6 guns party in spring few years back. Result: less than 90 birds in total 120£ a day per gun but hey, the carts went for free (not the gun hire though).... now I live in Scotland and try to shoot pigeon on my own Sometimes you have to pay to learn, right?
  4. Hi all, I started reading and following the forum from a while but realized never introduced myself... I recenyly got my UK SGC (originally from Italy but living in Scotland) and I'm really enthusiast about shooting, in particular about wildflowing. I'm reading the different advice for beginner wildfowlers etc and found the site is really useful! Really looking forward for my first flight on the foreshore!! Thanks for all the advices!
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