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  1. I made this sps, it's slightly bigger than a standard sps as I felt it would feel better in my hand, it feels great and shoots sweet 5mm ally core, walnut scales ally pins and tubes, finished with tru-oil
  2. well I cut the core out the other day mate, I glued the scales and pins on this morning, then just spent a bit of time shaping and sanding it this afternoon, all in all about 3 hours I expect...
  3. lol, pickle forks only have a really small gap, just so bands can be tied to it!
  4. not to different from your confiscated one mate
  5. Made this catty, sortve classic milbro shape. 3 mm ally core walnut scales, ally pins and counter sunk ally tubes, finished with tru-oil
  6. Wouldn't get a black widow, I'd take youcanthide up on his one mate, much more pocketable!
  7. I wouldn't buy a black widow to practise with imo mate, I'd get something along these lines, can be used with flats or tubes http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221692467557
  8. I've got a blank that needs scales if you fancy doing that one as well Kev ;-), got a lovely sheath waiting for it!
  9. As been said, make sure your holding the nut properly in the pouch...... And make sure you use a "super sure" pouch ;-) I use looped 1745's and hex nuts for most of my hunting, cracking set-up
  10. Devastating with looped 1745's mate
  11. Made this PFS tonight, it's got a 3mm ally core, black liners and elm scales and Palm swell, took 3 and a half hours from start to finish
  12. Haven't made a catty in a while, and for some reason had the urge to make one when I got home from work tonight, I was supposed to scale a knife blank I've had for ages, but decided to make this Chunky PFS instead, it's got a 3 mm ally core, black liners and elm scales and Palm swell, from start to finish it took me 3 and a half hours, I've only given it one coat of tru-oil, so should look a bit better with a few more coats,
  13. Like what's been said, don't use stones as ammo, they weigh different weights and are just to inconsistent, band slap is due to excess power in the bands, either ammo is too light or bands too long. I'd love to see you design and make a nice catty Matt, knowing how nice your knives are mate! Id definately buy one from you :-)
  14. Wouldn't use oak board mate, although it feels strong, it becomes very brittle when hit with a fork hit!
  15. Yeah Bill's are a bit on the larger side, why not have a bid on this ;-) http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221684329778
  16. Yeah I bought from Bill Hays and he was sound! Took about 5 weeks to come from America, what shape catty you looking for? What did you have before?
  17. If your looking for another gamekeeper type catty Give youcanthide a pm, he sells a few of the blanks...... If you want a proper gamekeeper one, then don t waste your time, your wrists will be riddled with arthritis before your recieve one from him, he'll happily keep hold of your money for you for a few months tho...... ;-)
  18. are you chuffed with your piece of ply? Lol
  19. Looks good that Kyle, especially when using only hand tools mate!
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