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  1. Only managed to do 1 warren (or is it set.... :-/) as had to take my littlun to a party! But I did manage 4 rabbits from there, so was happy as it was my ferrets first time. Forgot how hard it can be on your own. Will have to find a ferreting partner for next time tho! But really enjoyed getting out all the same.I'll try and add some pics
  2. I'll be using purse nets tomorow as I've used them before, would love a long net tho. Got a few warrens in open fields on the farm so not to bad cover wise. I'm sure I'll end up in some brambles somewhere tho!
  3. Thanks mate, hopefully put a few pics up tomorow all going well
  4. Hi all my names harry and new to the forum, I'm off out in the morning with my new Jill's, I've ferreted with friends in the past but will be my first time with own ferrets,nets etc. I'm off to a permission that I picked up this week, so hopefully I will post some pictures of my day as long as some rabbits are home :-/ Can't wait!! Have a good weekend everybody
  5. I'm from Bristol and just got me own ferrets, 3 Jill's after going out with a mate and his dad for a few seasons learning the ropes with their ferrets, my father in law has a 300 acre farm in saltford which is also handy :-),
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