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  1. Any one tried these? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/171829286468?_mwBanner=1 Was seeing what it's all about as I've seen no one using them? Cheers fellas
  2. Mint that is, so tempted but still waiting for two from bill, mrs would kill me. Nice size aswell.
  3. When you order your catty dont make the mistake of not buying your band making equipment with it as they'll probably go when you're at your most keen and its a pisstake lol, unless you're using tubes.
  4. Some thick tubes with 45mm external dia them mate lol
  5. Id be waiting till im grey if i waited for you to sell yours mate haha How much you thinking roosika?
  6. Im not sure mate, i already had a small poly hts on order from him which has been a total of 5 weeks this week, 3 weeks for topshot and hes not even made itlol, i just asked him to add it on the order and ship them together, both came to £90 delivered if i remember right.
  7. Looks good mate, waiting for mine off him now, the guys a joke. Been waiting 5 weeks to get an email saying hes not made them yet... says on his website polys take 3 days to make and send lol
  8. Find out what quarry are under the general license, be humane and practice, then practice abit more.
  9. So how do you prove what its worth? Send them to bills customs, $300, thank you please.
  10. Nice shooting mate, new piece of permission aswell? ive had a mare whilst out with the dog today missed everything ive shot at, point of aim bas changed, dunno if the bands have worn in or what, but cant beat abit of hunting while working lol. House im currently working at has a garden backing on to a piece of land and the previous tenant used to feed the birds so its full of woodies, we just leave the top window open all day and shoot out of that, 6 woodies in the 2 weeks we've been there, cost me £40 for a new piece of glass though when I hit my fork and the 11mm lead went straight through t
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