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  1. Will atomlab not sale his mate? It would be quite a bit, as would have to buy thicker ally, then find antler that would be big enough to use as scales.
  2. Made this tube shooter up, oak core, walnut faces, black micarta Palm swell and ally tubes, All my catties are for sale if anybody is interested, send me a pm cheers
  3. Working on a Sunday???? No wander you can afford Bill Hayes catties ;-)
  4. Use black spacers with that toxic green G10 Kev
  5. Tubes may be a bit long mate, you wanna be practically maxing them out when drawn to anchor point, I use looped 1745's, I cut them to 33cm long, these are then looped,
  6. lol, and for that I'm sending you a signed photo of myself, flexing my pecs.... For FREE!!!!
  7. lol, I'd need a whole tree to make a Bill Hayes catty mate ;-)
  8. A couple of frames I made, both oak cored with walnut faces, ally tubing, one is off to America the other I may sale
  9. try cutting them shorter, what ammo you using mate?
  10. Well funny you should ask.... I do have another natural catty that I made a while ago but never shoot, I could put that up for a giveaway ;-) lol
  11. Could you not just drill down through the top of the forks and pin it to reinforce it mate?
  12. The number of pink pins in the pot was..... 56! So I make that jake W the winner of the catty, Pm me your name and address mate :-)
  13. Welcome mate,im also from Bristol
  14. lol that's because the word "free" is in the title
  15. anybody fancy winning this catty?? It's a spalted fork with black vulcanised spacers, ally pinned Purple Heart tips and cap and 3 coats of poly, it will come banded, posted free to the winner and ready to shoot!! It's open to anybody that fancies a go.... All you have to do is guess (or try and count) how many PINK pins are in this pot!! NOT PURPLE!! It's that easy.. Closest person to that number wins the catty! I'll keep it open until Friday evening then reveal the winner. Good luck
  16. Looks really smart that mate! Looking forward to seeing the end result
  17. 10mm ally tube epoxied in mate, then countersunk
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