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  1. Bunny Digger

    end meshes

    Look in the pined section
  2. Bunny Digger


    Great photo of a young Glen
  3. Bunny Digger

    Name the trap...

  4. Bunny Digger

    Darcy "on the trap line 2"

    Found it and ordered it cheers
  5. Bunny Digger

    Darcy "on the trap line 2"

    How do you get the dvd
  6. Bunny Digger

    Snares-How We See Vs How They See

    Cheers that's very interesting.it just shows how different with a little thought .I always camo mine more so now I have seen this
  7. Bunny Digger


    Well done Micky
  8. Bunny Digger

    Motion Camera

  9. Bunny Digger

    Motion Camera

    Would it pick up mice in a loft space do you think
  10. Bunny Digger

    Vic lure

    Hi The guy is goes under the name SubArticWolf Tool & Outdoors The post is A Quiet day in the woods He recons the trappers use it
  11. Bunny Digger

    Vic lure

    Is there any one on here that as used Vic vapor rub as a lure I watched a guy on YouTube using it to bring animals to his trail camera
  12. Bunny Digger


    I have a Holiday cottage in Scotland and I had not been for 2 weeks ,
  13. Bunny Digger


    I had two traps under cubby's each side of a door, This one must have gone in the left-hand trap head first then backed out dragging trap only to go in right hand side trap backwards
  14. Bunny Digger


    caught these two with trap under a cubby
  15. Bunny Digger

    Fox snare advice

    Hi Thanks for that I will give it a go when I get my thinking head on